Loose Diamonds Melbourne

Loose Diamonds Melbourne
Loose Diamonds Melbourne

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Loose Diamonds

What are loose diamonds?

Basically, loose diamonds are diamonds (yes, the jewelry) that aren't in a set of jewelry. The name loose actually implies that the diamonds can be customized as per the client's requirements. Because they are made manually and can accommodate the client's requests, loose diamonds always make a special gift.

Personalized Diamonds?!

Technically, loose diamonds can be made as personalized diamonds. While these are not cheap, they make excellent addition to your other jewelries such as rings, necklaces, even watches,

Loose Diamonds History

Back in Europe during the 13th and 14th centuries, diamonds were common in jewelries. Professional diamond cutters were available as if they were just simple blacksmiths. Logically, these stones were desired by royal families, and because of that, these stones became a common display of wealth and power. As the generations transcend, their use as a symbol of royalty became more apparent as it is seen today's jewelries.

Loose Diamond Setting
Loose Diamond Setting

Buying Loose Diamonds

If you're gearing up (still planning maybe) to get one of these elegant 'personal' jewels, be ready to save up a 'somehow' huge amount of cash. Of course, they're diamonds, so they should be the star of your jewelries. But how about their complements? That's the catch. Loose diamonds are delivered per se, meaning you must also get (uhm, that means buy) the ring, necklace, or any other jewelry that the diamond would be placed.

Generally, it is advised that you should buy a loose diamond separate from the ring's metal setting. When you do this, the jeweler will be the one to replace the gold or other metal setting with a diamond one and finish it for you. Not only this would save you a lot of money, but they can also be more durable if it was done this way. (Of course you shouldn't be wary of the durability as you would only wear this during special occasions.) A professional jeweler like this loose diamonds Melbourne store should help.

More importantly, doing so will ensure you get to look at the diamond and the ring setting individually, hence you'll be able to check the quality as it is being made.

Loose Diamonds Melbourne
Loose Diamonds Melbourne

So how much would they cost?

The answer to this question technically depends. All orders for loose diamonds are priced by quotation. Also, the used diamond's properties make a lot of difference. These are the shape, the carat, cut, color, and clarity. A better explanation is made below:

  • Carat

- Carat is technically the measure of purity of the diamond. Logically, the purer the diamond is, the more elegant, beautiful, and luxurious it is, and also more expensive.

  • Cut

- This refers to the size of the loose diamond. Some people prefer larger diamonds whilst others prefer those with better quality. It's just a matter of perspective as both can cost you more.

  • Color

- The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades the diamond's color with the highest quality D, E, and F and the lowest one with grade Z. Overall, it is recommended not to use anything below grade K as they have a distinct yellow color that may be intensified by the ring setting.

  • Clarity

- The GIA also grades diamond clarity. The best is the FL (Flawless) whilst the least is the IF (Internally Flawless). Obviously, you would want to settle with the better clarity.

Whatever setting you are looking for, a professional loose diamonds store should be able to help you with that

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