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Lululemon Remix Hoodie
Lululemon Remix Hoodie

Lululemon Outlet: Zen and the Art of Saving Money

The Lululemon outlet in my neck of the woods is a must visit shopping destination as far as I'm concerned. Even though I have to take a ferry to get there, because I go to school on an island named after some queen of England. So the deals must be worth it right? Because I'm spending a fortune just to get to this shoppers paradise. Well, I'm here to tell you that the deals at this particular outlet are pretty good. They're so good in fact, that I once risked missing my ferry back home! Compared to some other so called outlets (just south of the border), this place is packed with racks full of apparel looking for a home. Never once did I have to worry about whether I'd find something in my size...or if a certain colour I wanted would be in stock...or if the deals would be any good.

Lululemon Spring/Summer Collection for 2010

Lululemon, if you haven't already heard, is an up and coming brand of yoga apparel. Their pièce de résistance is the $98 Groove Pant, cut with gussets and seems which when combined hug and lift in all the right places. Lululemon also makes body hugging tops, racer back tanks in bright neon and stripes, perfect for showing off a toned upper body. If you start paying attention to the tight pants being worn in your yoga class, then you've probably already seen the Lululemon logo, its an iridescent A in the shape of an omega. Their clothes appeal to the trendy hollywood crowd too. Starlets like, Avril Lavigne, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, Minka Kelly, have all been spotted wearing Lulu. I proudly wear my Lulu gear not because I want to be hip or cool, but because I want to look good and feel comfortable during my workouts.

lululemon Define Jacket - Lavender
lululemon Define Jacket - Lavender

Yoga's Best Kept Secret

Where can I find a Lululemon Outlet?

Outlet shopping can be hit or miss, and the best attitude to have, is to walk into the store without expecting too much. This was the attitude I took with me when I popped my Lululemon Outlet cherry at the Burlington Outlets, on my way back from Seattle (my hometown) to UVic. Now that I'm a savvy shopper, I'd like to think of that outlet as my training ground, where I honed my deal finding chops. It was there that I would pick up some classic tops, and tanks, and even bathing suits of which I would never wear and now most certainly never fit in...hey we're only young once. The sales they have there are great, but the entire yoga community decided to show up that one day I went, or so it seemed. The secret is to get there early. And even though I wasn't a huge Lululemon fan at the time, I still walked away with 2 bags and was $300 poorer for it. But don't take my word for it, find out for yourself what it is that makes lululemon so damn sexy. Here are several locations for you to choose from:

Lululemon Athletic Outlet - Burlington, WA

Chelsea Premium Outlets - They provide some the world's finest outlet shopping, across numerous name brands. The exact lululemon locations can be found by visiting the Premium Outlets site.

Factory Outlet - Vancouver, BC

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Get the Look: Hayden Panettiere's Lululemon Pants

Hayden Panettiere is that chick from that TV show Heroes. She is petite, blond and HOT. I'm also petite, sandy blond, and bear a slight resemblence to her (at least that's what my bf says to chear me up). She's got that young active lifestyle thing going on, which is exactly the style I'd like to emulate. This girl knows how to dress and whatever she puts on usually works because her body is fit. If I'm to look anything like her, seen here in these Lululemon reverse groove pants, then I need to get my butt in gear tout de suite. Now, I'm not asking for a miracle, but I hear rumors that these pants have the awesome ability to make you look like a walking airbrushed cover model. So when the powers that be ever decided to open a lululemon store in my part of the neighborhood, I was the first in line. And boy do these pants mean serious business. My reverse groove pants make guys around me sweat, except I'm the one whose doing the exercises.

Dig Hayden's Style? Then shop her closet!

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activemommy 6 years ago

I need to agree with you. I love nice, fashion fitness clothing because it inspires me to go have a? good workout!

mrhelan 3 years ago

i love this store Lululemon Outlet with wholesale price,

Pinkchic18 profile image

Pinkchic18 3 years ago from Minnesota

I love lulu everything. Great hub, I didn't know so many stars were sporting it as well!

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