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Lululemon Athletica is a clothing brand for yoga, work out and dance wear
Lululemon Athletica is a clothing brand for yoga, work out and dance wear

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If you're looking for Lululemon yoga pants, then you've come to the right place. I hear you've finally decided to get down to business, and by business, I don't mean a leisurely stroll through the mall. I'm talking about a real workout, the kind that will have you soaking in a pool of your own sweat. By the time your done, the endorphins will be flowing and every muscle in your body will be screaming for mercy. Well, maybe that's going a bit too far. But anyway, for this type of exercise, you need the proper gear. Lululemon are the yoga pants that all other pants dream of being. In a world of cheap knockoffs, it's good to know that such quality still exists.

What makes Lululemon so special, is its signature material, Luon, which took the founder two years to create. A combination of nylon and lyca, Luon, is world renown for its stretch-ability, and it's amazing ability to absorb your sweat, while still being as comfortable as cotton. I've never before worn clothes that fit my body so well, To say these clothes are flattering is an understatement.

Yoga class at Lululemon

Sure Lulu is expensive, and my frugal husband would probably have a heart attack if he knew how much money I spent in this store, but little does he know that the svelte figure his wife is sporting depends on it. Just knowing that I'm working out in comfortable attire, allows me to feel good and maybe work out just a tiny bit longer. My husband rarely talks about my wardrobe, but even he'll admit that I look good in these clothes. For me, that alone, is enough to justify the premium I pay for these pants. But if this isn't enough for you, try sticking around for the free yoga classes. Just bring your mat and get your groove on right in the store!

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Lululemon Reverse-Groove Pant

Gisele Bundchen helped popularize Lululemon pants a couple of years ago when she darted back and forth from the gym in a black pair. Now these pants have evolved in the form of these Lululemon Reverse Groove pants ($98), now available with a waistband in all kinds of nifty colors. The name "reverse" comes from the fact that you can fold the waistband down for a sexy low-rise look. In my opinion there's no other way to wear them! I can see why they are Lululemon's best selling pants, and they are easily my favorite. These pants are so sleek and adorable, that I often look forward to going to the gym, just so I have an excuse for wearing them. Kudos to the designers who have, with these pants managed to make me look better than I ever thought I could look.

Lululemon In Stride Jacket: Fit and Function

We know that pants made from Luon, are great for showing off our butts, because of their amazing stretch-ability, but how does it perform when used to make jackets? Since I needed a new jacket, I decided to put the new Lululemon stride jacket I had been eyeing to the test. I instantly fell in love with it the moment I saw it in person. It's unbelievably cute. But it wasn't available in my size. Not a problem I thought, I'll just order it online. No luck. It's sold out there too. At this point, most other times I would have given up, but for just this one time I persisted. Long, story short, I'm now the proud owner of a beautiful In Stride Jacket. This experience, has taught me that sometimes you just gotta go that extra mile for the things you really want!

Why are Lululemon pants so cute?

Can you believe Gisele Bundchen just had a baby? She looks fit in a pair of Lululemon pants.
Can you believe Gisele Bundchen just had a baby? She looks fit in a pair of Lululemon pants.

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