Mid range handbag brands that are great quality but reasonably priced

Mid range handbag brands offer quality items for very reasonable prices. Those that love fashion and accessories should definitely look at some of the lesser known brands. This hub talks about six different mid range purse brands from all over the world. If you love to look at different handbag brands or just purses in general, this hub will be a very fun read.

Samantha Thavasa – This purse brand sounds European; however it is actually born and based in Japan. Many Japanese women are aware of this name and its products. Like Coach in America, they offer relatively affordable bags, wallets and accessories every season. You will find lots of beautifully crafted and feminine pieces at their stores. Currently, they only have one store in the U.S.

Samantha Thavasa bags are known to have lots of very feminine designs.
Samantha Thavasa bags are known to have lots of very feminine designs.
A cute tote for a cute girl.
A cute tote for a cute girl.

Modalu London – With the rise of new brands worldwide, few will gain popularity and recognition. However, with a purse name like Pippa, many will link this chic bag to the stylish Pippa Middleton. Modalu London is recognized by their little seashells all over the lining in the interior of the bag. The Pippa comes in different sizes and colors to satisfy all potential customers.

Modalu Pippa in shark
Modalu Pippa in shark

Paul's boutique – A young British designer has made a name for himself. Paul's boutique is a mid range brand that caters to lots of women. They offer clothing, handbags, wallets, wristlets and other accessories at their stores in London and Ireland. This brand mainly caters to younger customers with their bright or neon colors and modern styling.

A very chic bag by Paul's boutique
A very chic bag by Paul's boutique
This bag is pretty and  reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Mahina L.
This bag is pretty and reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Mahina L.

Kate Spade – This is another affordable luxury brand based in the United States. They only made handbags early on but developed other products as the brand became more popular. As for the pricing, they have a similar price point as the very popular Coach. This is a brand that likes to market and connect to their customers through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and etc. In my personal opinion, this brand is not as appealing to me as some of the others listed here. However, Kate Spade brand is relatively well known here in the states and many people are loyal supporters of their merchandise.

Melie Bianco – This is another American brand that offers a wide variety of handbags, wallets and other accessories. Many of their styles are very chic and modern. With each new season, they come out with lots of new styles. Those that want to add affordable pieces to their collections should definitely take a look at their website. However, you should keep in mind that their quality is only above average. I have seen some of their bags fell apart after several years of continuous use. That sort of thing will never happen with a Coach handbag.

Rioni – This brand is not well known by many; I am actually not sure where the are based. However, it is becoming more popular in fashion in the recent years. For those that are not familiar with the brand, it has lots of similar handbags as the coveted Louis Vuitton. If you are someone that is unwilling to pay the price of a premium designer, Rioni is a very good alternative. In terms of price, this brand is somewhat affordable with most purses priced around two hundred dollars.

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