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Neck Tattoo Tips

Along with tattoos on the hands or face, getting a neck tattoo is without a doubt a decision you should take a long time in making before going forward with it.

Once it's there it's there, and even if you decide to take it off, there's almost always going to be a noticeable scarring as a result.

Always remember in areas of the body which can't be covered, your job and social acceptability is always on the line, and it could cost you in that regard, depending on your goals and skill set.

If you decide to go forward with a neck tattoo, as with other designs, there are a wide and seemingly endless array of options to choose from, and you'll eventually find one that fits your style.

Here is a selection of neck tattoos to get you started.

Neck Tattoos for Men and Women

Neck tattoos are one of the few areas on the body which are desirable to both men and women. From the many I've looked at, it appears they're are about as many men as women that make the neck their choice of where to place a tattoo.

But unsurprisingly, the designs chosen are very different, as you can see with this first tattoo of a line of stars on the back of the neck of this woman.

Neck Star Tattoo

This second tattoo, which I really like, is obviously the choice of a man, although I have seen some women choose a dragon for a design, although usually on another part of the body. This dragon tattoo is fantastic.

Dragon Neck Tattoo

Here is a nice neck tattoo of a butterfly fluttering among the flowers. The subtle flow of the little dots up towards the ear is a nice touch.

Butterfly, Flower Neck Tattoo

Most tribal tattoo designs are attractive to me, including the one below. When I first looked at this tattoo I thought it was the photo of a man with a beard, and was laughing that he put on his shirt backwards. Of course that caused me to take a second look and see the "beard" was in fact the back of his head.

Tribal Sun Neck Tattoo

The placement of tattoos on this part of the neck is a good choice, as it is easy to hide with the hair, or possibly with a high neck if the occasion demands it. Below is another nice looking tribal tattoo.

Tribal Neck Tattoo

While this scorpion tattoo design is a really good one, the placement on the neck would make it hard to cover up. I know I keep repeating that, but it must be taken into consideration when deciding on a neck tattoo. Besides that, the tattoo itself is a great one.

Scorpion Tattoo on Neck

It's very seldom when I get perplexed by what a tattoo design may be, but this one has me dumbfounded. Other than the fact it's some type of gadget, I'm clueless. Maybe someone that knows what it is or wants to take a guess could do it in the comments section.

Gadget Neck Tattoo

Bible verse tattoos are very popular, and this one looks pretty cool scrolling up the neck, and it has a great message as well. Nice.

Bible Verse Tattoo on Neck

And this last tattoo is of those ubiquitous gaming characters Mario and Luigi, which most of us have spend many hundreds of hours watching on our game counsels. And appropriate to end the article, we'll just call it "game over."

Mario and Luigi Neck Tattoo

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