Nine West Boots on Sale

Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen in Nine West boots
Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen in Nine West boots

Must-have styles on Sale

Welcome to all those seeking comfort from the dreary winter blues! I'm confident I can help you find what you've come looking for; hopefully a pair of affordable, cute, and comfy Nine West boots on sale. As we all know, you can never have too many cute, pointy boots that don't cost an arm and a leg every time you walk out of the store. It's getting closer to the holiday season, and many stores, especially online retailers are starting to post some incredible deals so that they can meet their yearly sales goals.

A little candy for your feet...

Nine West shoes are known for their affordability, and as such I did not have high expectations, but I'm always surprised at how good their craftsmanship is. I have no problems recommending them to friends and coworkers looking for something they can wear day in and day out. You can pretty much expect any pair of boots you buy to last a long time, probably far longer than it will take than for you to see a cute new pair to covet. Just because you can't splurge on a pair of Jimmy Choos, doesn't mean that we should settle for something inferior. With such a huge variety of styles, I find Nine West often fits my needs. So thank you NW for making shoes that will have me returning whenever I need another pair of shoes. Need. So jokes. When don't I need a new pair of shoes?

Check out these Nine West Boots on Sale!

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Nine West Blondey Boots

I sometimes get teased by my husband for acting a bit silly whenever i get a new pair of boots. It's a love hate relationship with my booties because while I love to wear them, but half the time they don't fit very well. My solution to this problem, to his chagrin, is find a new pair to tango the night away in. I think I've succeeded with this little number from Nine West. I fancy myself in an episode of Gossip Girls when I'm rockin' the hell out of these Blondey boots from Nine West ($119). They quickly became one of my favorite pairs and I love the compliments I got from others wondering where I got them. Besides looking great, an added bonus I found was that the more I wore them the more comfortable they got. Yay!

Get your Nine West Blondie Leather boots here.

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dina ♥ fashion 6 years ago

I'm having serious trouble deciding whether to buy brown or black boots. Which color do you guys wear the most often?

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