Panda Nail Designs

Panda Nail Art

Among nail art design with an animal theme, there may be no more popular figure than that of the panda, which looks cute and fantastic on the nails.

The panda is probably so popular as a nail design because of the pandas in China, which have attracted so much worldwide attention, as well as because of the pandas in motion pictures, which have also made the image of the black and white bear so popular.

Probably the major impetus behind the adoration of pandas is when there is an occasional successful birthing of a panda, which generates a lot of news coverage, with those black eyes poking out from the gorgeous white face.

That is unsurprisingly the most popular nail art design using the panda as source material.

Panda Nail Designs

As mentioned, the most popular panda nail design is the one looking closest to the real panda, especially the face of the panda.

But some ladies choose to not only include the face of the panda, but the overall body of the panda designed on their nails. It looks great and isn't as hard as you may think at first. We'll see an example of that in the photos below.

while the white and black color of the panda is the most popular nail design, sometimes the bear will be placed on a different colored foundation, resulting in a tinted look for the bear, which can look really good when done correctly.

Some place a panda bear on one or two nails, while others include other figures on each nail, with the panda being one of several different animals.

Lastly, there are those whom have a panda on half of their nail and a different color at the base of the nail.

However it's done, the panda image almost always look fantastic.

Panda Nail Design on Half of Nail

This is an example of how a panda design could look using only half of the nail as a canvas for the design.

Usually with designs like this there will be color where the clear nail is.

You see below an example of using a color on the base of the nail and the panda designed at the tip of the nail. The cute, smiling mouth and addition of pink cheeks looks great on the panda.


Panda and Other Nail Art

Here is an example of how a panda was done on one nail on a finger of each hand, with the rest of the nails sporting a different design and color.

I really like these 3-D nails. The way they were designed in a reverse way on the nails of each hand looks pretty cool.


Full Body Panda Nail Designs

This image of a panda bear designed as a full body on the nails was included to show how simple the design can really be, even when making a full body of the bear.

As you can see, almost everything is circular with the panda design, including the head, body, ears, eyes and paws. Even the nose could have been designed in a similar fashion, although the decision was made to try to make it look more realistic.

Adding a little color on an occasional nail was also a nice touch.


Panda Nail Tips

Here are a few tips on helping to successfully design pandas on your nails.

First, be sure to lay down a base coat on your nails to protect them. This will help your design stay on the nails longer as well as create a nice shine.

Next, no matter what panda design you choose, start with a large circle near the top part of your nails, unless you're doing the panda on the bottom half of the nails. Wherever you're going to place it on the nails, start off with this circle for the head. Start this off with white polish to make it look like the real head and color of a panda. To me it's best to start this way to get the image down, rather than attempt to get too creative. It does depend upon your skill level, so if you're advanced and confident, you could try a different color if that's what you prefer. But for most people it's best to start off with the whites and blacks, as it's usually the best looking panda even if you are skillful.

Once this is completed, be sure to take the necessary time for the polish to dry before proceeding with the next step.

Next get your tool used for dotting your nails, along with your black nail polish. Using the dotting tool apply the ears and the eyes of the panda. The eyes should be placed about half way down the round, circular head you created. Once the eyes are placed, then ad the nose just below and in the center of the eyes. Many people don't include a mouth, but if you want one, draw that in under the nose in the shape and manner you choose.

If you want to add some actual eye balls to the black circles used for the eyes, after they dry you can then add two smaller white circles inside each area.

Again wait for that to dry before the final step of completing it with a top coat over the area to prevent the design from chipping.

Next we'll look at video tutorials of how others designed their panda nails.

Cute & Easy Panda Nail Art

Panda Nail Video Tutorial

Panda Nail Design

Panda Nail Art Tutorial

Panda and Bamboo Nail Art

This is probably my favorite panda nail art I've seen, and it's a nod towards the fact that the primary source of food in the wild for the panda is bamboo. That's what that wonderful design is on the nails.


Panda Nail Art Designs

After viewing the photos and videos of panda nail art, you can see why it's so popular among women as a design theme for the nails.

The subject matter offers all sorts of variety that can be incorporated into the nail design, and the panda itself is such a cute and compelling image, that it's hard not to generate good will and delight when wearing it.

If you haven't tried a panda as part of your nail art look yet, you owe to yourself to give it a try, as it's a terrific choice for a wide variety of social situations.

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