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Each of us: men, women and children alike have fingernails, some nice, well shaped and trimmed to the desired lenghth, others, bittend ripped and looking really painful, the rest.. Usually belong to very hard working labourers that can't get the grime out of their nails.. I can fully understand this one, I did hard work all my life and my nails, well I bit them to accomodate.. then stopped one day in 2000, since then, I keep them long and clean, rarely polish them but sometimes I do.
Our hands are the first thing most people see, so the importance of having perfect nails is very high..

So in answer to that question above I'd like to share this with all of you...

So, I've decided to help those who wish to paint their nails correctly and perhaps inspire the man in their life to give her a hand massage, paint her nails and increase the connection between two people..
I used to have a partner that enjoyed giving me a hand massage and manicured my nails for me.. it's an amazing art a man doesn't realise is capable of...
Guy's, it's actually a very erotic thing to do for your partner, it shows how much you care to learn the art of a hand massage and paint her nails to perfection. You'll love the fact she will always want long nails too..

How to get a perfect maincure.. Everytime!

20years ago I studied a Beauty Course and parts of our training were Manicures. & Pedicures.

For a proper manicure there is more involved than just filing or polishing the nails.. It entails, much, much more...
I’ll teach you the way I was taught so that you can have the best advantage from go. There are many key factors that are not only useful but also very important for the perfect manicure.

When filing, always file the nails toward the center, this helps to prevent breakage. If possible avoid using a polishing buffer as this prevents nail polish to bond to the nail efficiently.

An important factor for strong healthy nails is, the hands don’t just start at the wrist.. moisturize your forearms as well, stimulating blood flow to the hands, which will enable them to always look good, and part of the arm.. The hands age faster than the rest of our body therefore we need to keep it looking like its connected of the rest of us ;)

Keeping your hands warm when doing your entire manicure is also very important, this is so that the cuticle wont split when it's re-shaped, and also to allow nail polish to set without sudden shrinkage from cold hands.

Start with freshly cleansed hands, and a gentle hand massage using a conditioning hand cream, concentrating particularly on the cuticles.. Although you have just done this with your moisturizer, soften the cuticles by sitting your hands in warm water avoid rubbing the moisturizer off while you gently push the cuticle back by using your natural nail shape in the form of your thumbnail or ‘mirroring’ fingernail of which cuticle you are working on, there are two reasons for this, one, so that it mirrors the shape of the opposite nail and is also so that you know how much pressure you are placing against the cuticle and wont rip them as is often the way. use a soft hand towel to dab the cuticle dry, gently pressing it back from the nail as you do, if it hurts.. you have gone too far, stop and let them rest a while before continuing.

Mens nails, they should be nicely trimmed not too far from the finger tip, when you hold your nails up, you should only just see a shimmer of its edge looming, cuticles should be well receded and free of tears or cuts, a quality nail conditioner that is absorbed into the nails is a great way to keep them looking their best, even if you are a 60hour week truck driver. When it comes to looking after our hands, the same method for a womsns nails applies to men as well, and men really do love to be pampered no matter how macho they are.. I know this first hand.. no pun! :)

If possible use a base coat, this is to stop unnecessary discoloring due to using dark nail polishes, it also makes lighter colours look brighter and helps to fill in any ridges of the nail. try not to flood the cuticle as this makes the final product look tacky and unprofessional, warm the product before use, this also allows natural stretch as it dries and prevents peeling or chipping. dip the application brush into the base coat but do not overload the brush, always scrape remainder off one side of the brush and apply with smooth even stroke to outer edges of the nail then a final strip in the middle, let to dry completely before applying a 2nd coat or nail colour. when you have completed all of your nails with the base coat or whitening cover, allow to dry approximately 15 to 20 mins, this ensures it's completely set.

The fleshy arch of your hand between thumb and forefinger is the softest part of the hand and the smoothest.. If you have any ridges or accidental snags in your fresh covering, smooth it by first polishing that area with thumb then gently drag the nail effected across this area until the glitch is smoothed. sometimes it takes practice to get this bit to work, and not everyone is aware that it works ;)

Are you ready to apply the nail colour yet?

If you are using a dark colour, be ready with a few cotton buds to spot remove any that gets on the skin, avoid removing it when it dries, it often will cause the finished nail to 'peel' as with the base coat, dip brush into bottle, remove the excess, by scraping it on the inside edge of the bottle neck, you do not want it to apply thickly, thin is always a good way to go, a 2nd coat is always better than a blotchy first coat.. apply the colour with smooth even strokes starting with the outside edges of the nail and one very smooth strip in the center.. again let the nail dry completely before applying any more coats of colour..

Remember to keep your hands warm while doing your manicure, this is important for colour bonding and longer lasting nail colour. after you have the finished product, a clear topcoat can be used, but personally, I don't use these, it softens any frosted or glittery colours and lessens the effect required. it also doesn't stop the colour from chipping or peeling. It’s just a gloss effect. nail hardeners and strengtheners are best used without a polish, use the ones that have calcium base like Avon products, a nail strengthener should be absorbed into the nail rather than sitting on the top, once it's dry, it can't be absorbed!

Practice on your toenails and even your friends. a manicure isn't just about painting nails, it's about preparation and massage and total hand therapy to encourage strong healthy nails.
once you have mastered the art of fine nail painting.. you will have perfect nails within minutes.. every time! and your friends will thank you for the experience and lovely looking nails.. and if you dare.. give a man a hand massage, preferably a man you know, like or are involved with, it's relaxing at the end of a hard days work, and you can treat them to a manicure as well.. and if they dare.. paint HIS toenails hehe

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BJBenson profile image

BJBenson 5 years ago from USA

You are so right about nails. I am one of those lucky women whose nails grow really easy. But it means I am always taking care of my nails. Great hub.

sugz profile image

sugz 5 years ago from Quakeville... Christchurch, New Zealand Author

yes and very noticable when well manicured and coloured with a soft pastel.. they emphasise the rest of the hand so much more ;)

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