Permanent Hair Removal Systems

Electrolysis or Electric Hair Removal System

Electrolysis or electric hair removal is a permanent method of hair removal that is especially suited to situations where there are few hairs, white hairs, blond or red hair and black people or very dark color. This method destroys the hair follicle via a mild electric shock and is also recommended for people who have little contrast between skin tone and hair. The main disadvantages of this method are that it is little more painful and time consuming, since the hair is treated individually. Moreover, this method requires a great visual precision and manual skill by the professional who performs it.

This method of permanent hair removal is perfect for small areas like eyebrows and upper lip that are most sensitive areas with less hair, but it is also very effective for very light or white hairs that are impossible to eliminate through the method of laser or pulsed light.

However this method is not recommended for pregnant women, people with epilepsy, hypertension, diabetes, people with clotting problems and people with pacemakers.

Laser Hair Removal System

There are several types of lasers with different technical specifications and performance standards. You probably already heard some names like Alexandrite laser, Diode or Ruby, but there are many more, each with its own characteristics that make them most suitable for the phototype of each person. The laser emits a light that is captured by the melanin and transports the energy to the root of the hair, the hair follicle, destroying it.

The main advantages of laser hair removal are that it is a fast, efficient and virtually painless, and currently there are already laser devices that can be used by all skin types, even very dark or black skin.

The major disadvantages relate to the fact that they need several treatment sessions to achieve satisfactory results and there may be a risk of burns or spots when the professional or the client does not strictly follow the rules for use and safety. Another major disadvantage is that the laser does not remove the white or very light hair.

The laser is designed to treat any part of the body, except the eyebrows, and it is very effective on thick and dark hair, which contain a lot of melanin, especially in fair skinned that have a good contrast between hair and skin.

However laser hair removal is not recommended for pregnant patients, with lupus or those with photosensitivity or problems with the healing.

Pulsed Light Hair Removal System

As in the method of laser hair removal, also pulsed light technology offers a wide range of devices with different technical specifications that may be more or less effective and more or less suitable for certain skin types.

The pulsed light, generally, is very similar to a laser with only a few technical distinctions as the type of energy it uses, how it is applied and the results obtained. But the destruction of the hair through the light captured by the melanin is similar in both technique and the pulsed light requires less energy than laser.

The main advantages of the pulsed light hair removal compared to laser is that it is less painful and can handle even larger areas, however the method of pulsed light is less effective than laser. As with laser hair removal pulsed light can also cause burns and stains if not used correctly.

The pulsed light system is ideal for all areas of the body except the eyebrows, but it is inadvisable for pregnant women, people with photosensitivity, pacemakers or metallic implants.

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