Pistol Pete Jacket | The Legend Behind The Name

The hottest selling leather biker jacket at my store is the Pistol Pete Jacket.

The jacket gets its name from a gunslinging lawman of the legendary American Old West who lived to be 98 years old. Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton notched his belt 15 times in his eleven year career as a U.S Marshall working in the Oklahoma territory during the 1880's and 1890's.

Five of those notches belonged to men who murdered Eaton's father.

Let's take a brief ride along the dusty trail with one of the Wild West's little know legends and see why his name is giver to a university mascot and a popular leather motorcycle jacket.

Moderators, Regulators, and Vigilantes

Moderators, Regulators, and Vigilantes were all the closest thing to organized law that the Wild West had in the early years of American expansionism into the western frontier.

Most outposts were located far from civic centers so groups would form in the name of upholding what was right when in practice they generally worked for one interested party and against the rest.

The Motivating Words Of A Friend

After eight year old Frank Eaton witnessed the cold blooded murder of his father, his father's best friend took little frank aside and gave him these words of encouragement:

My boy, may an old man's curse be on you if you don't try to avenge your father's murder.

~ Mose Beaman

Pistol Pete In The First 30 Years

Frank Eaton's father fought for the Union Army in the American Civil war and when the war was over, he moved his family to Twin Mounds Kansas where he set up shop as a vigilante.

In 1868, when little Frank was just 8 years old, 6 members of the Champsey-Ferber gang of regulators rode up to the Eaton household went inside and murdered Frank's father as he watched.

At the age of 15, Frank Eaton decided it was time to begin the long arduous trail to avenge his father's murder. Frank rode off to the nearest Army fort and tried to enlist. Even though he was too young to join, he stayed on and worked for the fort. His sole purpose was to learn how to shoot.

Learn to shoot is exactly what he did.

Frank competed in many shooting competitions at the fort and was given two things by the fort's commander for his stunning display of marksmanship. The first was an unofficial award (unofficial because the lad was still young to join the Army) and the second was the nickname "Pistol Pete".

At 17, Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton rode off to Oklahoma and became a U.S. Marshall serving under the famous Judge Isaac "The Hanging Judge" Parker. Before Pistol Pete was retired at the ripe old age of 29, he had accounted for the deaths of 15 accused criminals, 5 of which were involved in his father's death. The sixth was shot to death in a card game.

Frank had received gunshot wounds on two separate occasions during this time. The second wound came during his last gunfight, which was with the last man on his list, Wyley Champsey. Pistol Pete gunned down Champsey and his two bodyguards in an Albuquerque New Mexico bar.

Eaton rode out of town with a leg wound and never shot another man.

I'd rather have a pocket full of rocks than an empty gun

~ Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton

The Tame 70 years

After Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton retired from the Marshal service, he participated in the Oklahoma Land Rush Of 1889 where he settled down near Perkins, Oklahoma.

Frank kept a homestead and held various jobs during the remaining seventy years of his life. Included in his resume was Blacksmith and Sheriff.

It is said that Frank loved to be the center of attention and was never shy to tell a story or two to anyone within earshot. Some also say that some of his tales were taller than a saguaro cactus. True or not, folks always sought out Pistol Pete for a story and listened in complete awe when he told of the exploits of his youth.

Eaton was the author of two auto-biographical books that he was none too shy to promote. His caraciture also became the mascot of the Oklahoma State University.

Even to the day he died in 1958, Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton was never without his guns.

The Pistol Pete Leather Jacket

The motorcycle jacket that is named for the not so legendary gunslinger of the American Wild West, Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton, is every bit as rugged as the lawman was and twice as handsome as one of his wonderful tales.

Made with the best leather available for biker jackets, 2mm thick naked cowhide, this jacket affords both comfort and protection against the elements, insects, and road rash (heaven forbid). Toss in the top of the line hard ware and you have a motorcycle jacket that is ready for a rugged lifetime of adventure.

The jacket also features a zip-out Thinsulate liner, a neck warmer, air vents, and many pockets. The pockets include two inside "gun pockets" and a spacious, easily accesible outside pocket. The outside pocket is roomy enough to carry a large shootin' iron or maybey a nice pair of cold weather gauntleted riding gloves.

For function, protection and style, there is no better leather biker jacket than the Pistol Pete jacket.

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lyricsingray 6 years ago

I now want a pistol pete, and I just bought a different one,rats! Maybe next year, your friend Kimberly

Drifter0658 profile image

Drifter0658 6 years ago from Carlisle Author

Maybe next year I'll send ya one ;)

lorlie6 profile image

lorlie6 6 years ago from Bishop, Ca

Retirement at 29? What a guy, and what a story. Thanks for writing this with such style.

Drifter0658 profile image

Drifter0658 6 years ago from Carlisle Author

Wow! Thanks for saying I write with style. My head won't fit through the doors for a while now.

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