Plus Size Swimsuits with Underwire

Best swimsuits for plus size ladies have the underwire feature

Plus size swimsuits with underwire fit perfect for the full figure ladies because they offer extra support, they highlight the best parts and they provide a toned shaped to a not so toned body. If you want to be stylish, look good almost naked and feel comfortable at the same time you should choose this type of plus size swimwear.

What's it all about the underwire feature?

The underwire feature of a bra or a swimsuit is not the same, as many people think with the push-up feature. They may both be part of an excellent piece of swimwear or bra, or may be used individually. The difference is that the push-up is just some added stuffing to the bra cups; it can be silicone, cotton or other type of fabric, and is used to enhance the volume of the breasts.

The underwire of a bra is used to support and lift the breasts. It is a piece of wire (it used to be made of some types of metals, but nowadays the technology is advanced and there are some other materials used) that is placed at the bottom of the bra, underneath the breast, offering a nice lift.

Plus size women usually have large breasts, so they don't need the push-up, which is for extra volume (they already got a lot of it from Mother Nature), but they need the lift and the support, as it's clear as the light of a shiny morning that huge, heavy breasts need support and uphold (if they are real, of course, as those that got implants don't even need a bra).

So, the plus size swimsuits with underwire are the best choice for the ladies that have some extra volume to their bodies.

Miraclesuit, the best in plus size swimsuits with underwire

This company designs swimwear for women, and they are focused on the plus size niche with great achivements. They have designed great swimwear over the years and promise that with their swimsuits you'll lose 10 pounds in 10 seconds. How cool is that?

They utilize the best in bra support, including their latest innovation, a one piece molded bra construction that has underwires built into a foam bra. No more bulky wire construction that pokes through after a couple of wearings.

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Plus Style 5 years ago

The Always For Me Cup Size swimwear collection features a number of different plus size swimsuit with underwire. From retro Marilyn Monroe one piece bathing suits to chic swimdresses to trendy tankinis to sporty one piece swimsuits - the entire colletion is designed to Look sexy and fashionable while bringing you supportive womens swimsuits for bigger busts. offers bust support swimwear for C cup and up.

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