Get the most out of your plus size evening dress

So, you just made it to your goal weight and your plus size evening gown is hanging in your closet staring at you. My advice as to what to depends on how much money you spent on the dress. If the dress was not expensive take the dress out of your closet and give it away. You can find a new evening gown that will fit your new weight for the same price. However, if you spent a lot of money on the dress and you feel guilty throwing it out, you do have options.

Option one includes altering the evening gown to fit your body. A good alterations place can take all the extra fabric off and make that evening gown look as if it was actually made for your actual size and not the plus size you bought it for. Any extensive alterations such as these are going to be pricy, so I only suggest doing this if the dress is extremely expensive and worth it to you to keep.

Option two is if you are not too happy with the overall style of the dress, but still cannot believe how much you originally spent and are willing to put more money into it, you can have the evening gown transformed into a completely new dress. Have the alterations place cut off the fabric to right below your knee cap and alter the dress to fit your body, and you have a new cocktail dress. Not only will you feel better about not wasting your evening gown, but now you also have a completely new dress for events.

Option three is to recreate this dress into a separate outfit. If you would like an option that yields an outfit you will be able to wear over and over again I suggest doing this. A classy skirt and top is a nice separates outfit that could make an easy transition from work to a night out, of course this all depends on the style of evening gown. Throw on a blazer over the top for work, take it off and you are ready to go out for dinner and drinks.  Again this is a pricey option, but definitely worth it in the sense that you will get your money back through the flexibility of this option.

The extra fabric also does not have to go to waste in all of these options. A nice shawl or even clutch can be made out of the extra fabric to match your new dress. This will also be pricey, but worth it if you spent a great amount of money on the plus sized evening gown. 

Another option you have is to do nothing with your plus size evening gown and let it hang in your closet as a constant reminder of the size that you use to be. I suggest only doing this if you need a constant reminder to show you how far you have come, and if your new weight is going to be a struggle to keep off. 

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