Porcelain Nails

Porcelain Nails Advantages

Being the nails one of the aesthetic components of the human body more valued by women, many are those who see their self-esteem affected by the mere fact that, for genetic reasons, have never been able to develop nails that they wanted. As a way to circumvent this problem, numerous techniques have been developed, and one that is more in fashion today is the placement of porcelain or gel nails.

The global acceptance of this method of handling aesthetics has been immense, and increasingly women are beginning to reap the benefits received by this alternative, practical, cheap and healthy then natural nails.

Some advantages of using Porcelain Nails:

1 - Resistance and durability.

These are two reasons that make porcelain nails the perfect answer for those suffering from brittle nails and therefore has been unable to achieve the desired shape of nails. The porcelain nails are extremely resistant, so you can stop worrying about the effect of certain crafts in the aesthetics of your nails.

2 - Natural and healthy appearance

The porcelain nails, carved and when properly applied, can effectively simulate the natural shape of long nails, healthy and well maintained. Many women have problems with the growth of their nails, so that the porcelain nails may represent the ideal alternative for those looking for an attractive visual display above average.

3 - Ease aesthetic customization

The porcelain nails are extremely easy to decorate, thus giving women the opportunity to fully decorate their nails to their liking, without having to establish contact between the paint and the real nail.

4 - Ease maintenance

Unlike other nail treatment processes, this does not require constant and frequent maintenance, thus preventing countless visits to salons, as well as the expenditure of large sums of money. A small application of some products, maintenance about once a month is enough to maintain their appearance with a beautiful and healthy look, without having necessarily to go to a salon, since the procedure can be done at home.


If you have difficulty, through natural methods, to give the desired effect to your nails, it might be a good idea to start thinking about giving an opportunity to porcelain nails, as had the opportunity to see, are accompanied with numerous advantages .

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