Ralph Lauren Outlet Stores

Ralph Lauren Wool Crested Blazer
Ralph Lauren Wool Crested Blazer

Ralph Lauren Outlet: Saving Money is our Passion

"If the deals at factory outlets are so good, why doesn't everyone shop there?" my co-worker asked me. I guess the reason is because not everybody knows that these places exist. It's not as if designers are scrambling to tell you about their outlets either, since they'd rather you pay full price at one of their retail boutiques. One of the reasons I started this blog was to educate people about all the ways they can save money, when it comes to buying quality fashion for bargain basement prices.

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I'd been lusting after a Ralph Lauren blazer for a while. I'd seen it in magazines. But always when I thought I had saved up enough money, an unpredictable expense would come up and snatch it from me. But this weekend I'm a proud new owner. I put on my new stunning wool blazer with the cute crest and all. I left the store wearing it and have barely taken it off the entire weekend. You can't blame me though. I've gotten more compliments on my Ralph Lauren blazer than any article of clothing I've ever owned including the expensive brands.

A striped blazer never goes out of style
A striped blazer never goes out of style

Inspired by Life Without Boundaries

Where can I find a Ralph Lauren Outlet?

Armed with nothing but my killer fashion sense - this time, I headed out for a Ralph Lauren outlet looking for deals. I had been to Ralph Lauren stores many times before, but often left empty handed because the business attire I craved was simply too rich for my blood. But this time was different. I was at a Ralph Lauren outlet. I was able to pick out a Buckled Shawl Cardigan and cashmere sweater for 60% off and still have enough left over in my wallet for a nice meal after. In all I spent 90 minutes browsing. My experience has left me wanting more, and I plan to be back again in a few months for another shopping blitz.

Thanks Ralph Lauren. You've shown me once again that it's possible to dress like my boss, without making nearly as much as she does. So...Ladies...if your looking for a new number to go with your fabulous heels - head out to your nearest Ralph Lauren outlet today, there are plenty of locations to choose from:

Tanger Outlet Centers - is a name brand buyer's paradise with the likes of Coach, Guess, Ralph Lauren and more.

Premier Outlets is the premier outlet shopping destination for ... Nike, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and PUMA, just to name just a few.

Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes?

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 Ralph Lauren blazer that Serena wore on Gossip Girl
Ralph Lauren blazer that Serena wore on Gossip Girl

Look like a Gossip Girl, Serena van der Woodsen

I'm not the target demographic for shows like Gossip Girl, but last night I just happened to come across a rerun of Gossip Girl. Man oh man, do the stylists spare no expense when it comes to dressing up these hormonal teenagers. After the credits rolled, I had to call my friend Nikki, since she's quite obsessed with this show. I was still giddy from all the beautiful outfits and lapped high praise for the pink and white striped blazer that Serena wore. The design is classic and elegant, while the white color and stripes lend a certain flirty-ness to the overall look. I really NEEDED this jacket. Nikki, of course shared my love for high fashion and cheesy teenage televsion and seemed pleased that I had finally figured out why it was that she was obsessed with that show. This night I had learned that the wonderful combination of bad acting, great music and awesome clothes can certainly be addicting.

My story, however, ended on a tragic note when I found out that this blazer was from last season and was sold out practically everywhere. Boo! Still, if you want to get in on Gossip Girl look, the shows creators have certainly made it easy for you, because now there is an online Gossip Girl store.

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I love Ralph Lauren, thanks for sharing interesting things

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