Red Riding Hood Costumes 2011

Red Riding Hood Costumes

Red Riding Hood, aka Little Red Riding Hood, is the classic tale of a little girl who outwits a Big bad wolf. Though the story may have had several adaptations over the years, the Red Riding hood costumes remains constant with the red cape as the defining characteristic of the Red Riding Hood Costume. The advantage of this costume is that kids can use their own clothes underneath the red hood. Red Hoods can be purchased separately or as a complete Red Riding Costumes which includes a dress.

Following the release of the movie Red Riding Hood 2011 produced by Leonardo Di Caprio may inspire the use of Red Riding Hood Costumes for Halloween. Kids on the other hand may be in favour of Red Riding costumes as a result of numerous versions of the story for children.

Red Riding Hood Costume
Red Riding Hood Costume | Source

Red Riding Hood Costumes for Kids

  • Red Riding Hood costumes on offer include red hood and dress set. This is available in Toddler and girls sizes. Red Riding Hood Costumes for girls retail from $14.33 (as advertised 24.02.2011).
  • If you kids want to re-enact the Red Riding Hood story then you may need a big bad wolf costume too.

Big Bad Wolf Costume
Big Bad Wolf Costume | Source

Red Riding Hood Big Bad Wolf Costume

  • The least scary wolf costume for kids is the Big Bad Wolf plush puppet hat with Velcro straps. The advantage of this costume is that kids can wear normal clothes with the mask.
  • This Wolf costume retails from $ 17.50. (As advertised 24.02.2011).


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