saree blouse patterns

saree sexy blouse

saree look sexy with lovely saree blouse designs.You may find similar hubs but i am offering a complete blouse design hub with varieties of blouses to chic yourself in different looks.sarees have their own relevance it is truw but nowadays traditional blouses also have their sexy outlook to match the saree's elegance.have a look at some of these designs and you will know for yourself.

pink blouse

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beautiful sexy back with pink saree
beautiful sexy back with pink saree
beautiful sexy back with pink saree

pink saree back

look at this saree with a beautiful back blouse pattern.I simply love it.A stylish and sexy look.This type of blouses createjealousy among women too.Isn't it?Do you wish to have a similar pattern for yourself?Think about it.

double blouse saree

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Jyostna 7 years ago

thanks plzzzzzzz give more collection

rajni2422 profile image

rajni2422 7 years ago Author

Do you want the collection of blouses or sarees.If you want to see the collection of sarees then please visit my site: or or

i will present the patterns of blouses in my next hub.I hope you visit my hub again.

seema singh 5 years ago

very nice


LAVANYA 4 years ago


jyotsana jain 4 years ago


deepika padkon 4 years ago

iam not satisfied these jacketes pls meansure beautiful necks

bhagya 4 years ago

very very beautiful but change indian style

anusha 3 years ago

anusha its looking very cool I like it and we want more indian blouse styles

shruti 3 years ago

Nice designs

Anjana 3 years ago

Nice designs but still I expect more traditonal & stylish designs in this blog.

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    hey see the above black saree blouse pattern.this pattern is sexy as well has two blouses for the same saree.You can have a mix and match for such sarees.truly gorgeous naa?

    lovely sexy blouse

    virtual designs for designing your blouses

    designs for you

    look at these designs and create your blouses.The front and back in each category has been shown for you .You can have your design in any way you want to.

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