Scene Hair And Emo Hair – What is it?

Most people have no idea what Scene and Emo hair is….or isn’t. To me, it’s another expressive hairstyle trend that's really hot! I absolutely love it when a “different” look comes into the spotlight and challenges the hairstyling industry. It shows creativity, free thinking, and a need to breakaway from the “norm” and mundane. There seems to be quite a bit of negative outlooks to the Scene hair and/or Emo hair trend, so I’d like to shed some light on the mindset behind it all.

You may not have heard about this wonderful epidemic, but I can almost guarantee you that you’ve seen it! The ever popular American Idol showcases this similar styles on everyother performer. If you go to the mall, pick-up your middle or high school kid from school, or if groups of kids tend to hang out in your neighborhood, chances are you’ve encountered this hair-do without ever knowing it. I’ve heard some describe it as the “new Goth” look, but that’s ridiculous. Think more like abstract and edgy haircuts, some with added color, loaded with personality that conveys the owner's style and independence.

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Aren’t They The Same?

At first glance scene hair and emo hair seem to be identical styles that carry the same message about the owner. Ask any young person that wears the style and they'll tell you different. There seems to be somewhat of a different mood surrounding the two. For example, scene hair tends to be more colorful and carefree, where emo hair tends to be mostly black and quieter.

The common thread of the two seems to be lots and lots of personality! The very shape, color, angle of the cut, accessories, etc. should speak specifically about the individuals state of mind. With scene and emo hairstyles one is able to visually broadcast their mood, personality, and interests at first glance. Because the styles are always going to be different and unique to the owner,the likelihood of scene and emo hair going away anytime soon seems to me to be unlikely.

Hair Trends From The Young

I personally feel it’s a wonderful idea to look to the younger age group for ideas when it comes to hairstyles. They tend to think outside the box and use their creativity to construct beautiful and unique looks. The older we get the more complacent and stuck in our ways we tend to become. Every generation creates a new and edgy look that ultimately lends itself to the hair industry (with a few tweaks of course). By all means, look towards younger people for motivation and ideas on changing your look and you’d be surprised at how original you can be too!

Scene hair was actually my motivation to cut my hair short and to have it spiked to match my spunky personality. I started to do this years ago before it became as popular as it is today, all because I felt the need to express and reinvent myself. I effectively showed the somewhat adventurous side of me without taking me too far out of my comfort level. I considered adding a little bit of coloring, but didn't feel the need to. I guess I’m a little more emo than scene, with a lot of sophistication!

Many, many stars have adopted this look as well! It is what’s in now and I personally look forward to watching it grow into different genres. The possibilities are truly endless for both looks!

I sincerely hope this blog had demystified some of ideas behind this hair trend and blocked the negative outlooks of scene and emo hair. It is simply a style by our younger generation displaying their originality and personal style preferences. The next time you see someone with this hairstyle think about the message they are conveying about themselves. And while your at it, think about adding a little bit of spice and adventure to your life simply by introducing some of the basic aspects of this hairtrend, whether it be an edgier cut or maybe a splash of color. It only takes a little change to make a big impact!

Awesome Video On How to Accomplish Emo Hair

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xXashXx 7 years ago

awsome - thnx 4 posting ^^

laurengirl98 7 years ago

emo people just get on my nerves trying to show off there hair but it's true that emo girls have good hair but boys are crazy with that hair they look like a black cats fur just really dark black hair!

person 4 years ago

Love it :)

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