Selling Jewelry for Cash

Selling Jewelry for Cash

Selling Jewelry for Cash, so you have decided to sell some or all of your old jewelry. Before you give your gold to anybody you need to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. I suppose the most bang for your gold, would work as well. I will give you a clue as to the winner but make sure you check out the video to understand why they are the best. It will only take you a few minutes and it will yield you the most green backs for your gold jewelry.

Selling Gold Jewelry for Cash

Selling Gold Jewelry for Cash: gold is at an all time high.  Current as of May 2011.  Gold prices have gone through the roof the last few years.  At this point ou are only speculate if it will end.  So far I don't see how this is suppose to end.   I thought 1000/ounce was carazy now we are over 1,500/ounce, who knew.  I sure did not or I would have purchased a whole bunch of gold a couple of years ago that for sure.  At this rate you just keep getting more and more cash for your gold jewelry.  Bring on the busted necklaces, broaches and old gold rings.  Now is the time, 1,500/ounce is crazy.

Selling Diamonds for Cash

Selling Diamonds for Cash - you thought you could just sell your old gold.  Now you can recycle and sell your old diamonds as well.  Just pop the diamonds out the rings before your send them in.  Put them aside and send them all in at once.  If you are getting cash for your gold, you might as well get it for your diamonds as well.  Heck they even have cash for silver.  Way more then just jewelry over there.

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