Shaving Accessories and Tips

Shaving Accessories and Tips

For most guys out there, shaving your face is an important grooming action that every guy undertakes, whether he has facial hair or not. Those with a beard or mustache need to trim it in order to make sure that it looks even and presentable. The majority of guys prefer having a clean shaven look so they tend to shave every day or several times a week to get that smooth face. Regardless of what boat you fall into, it is important to have the necessary shaving accessories and tips to get the job done right. Below is a list of accessories that any guy needs when he has to shave his face or trim his facial hair.

1)      Shaving cream. This of course is an obvious necessity and it is an important one. When you are shaving your face, this helps the razor get that hair easier. If you suffer from dry or delicate skin, they make shaving cream with a moisturizer that is not as harsh on your skin.

2)      A razor. By this I mean a good razor and razor blade that you have. This will allow you to shave your face thoroughly and if you have facial hair, you can get area where it is spreading like under your chin. I prefer having a good one, so I have a Gillette Fusion, which is fantastic. The downside is that replacement blades get pricey. Regardless of having a good razor or a disposable one, you need to have one.

3)      An electric razor. This is a more convenient way to shave your face. If you have widespread scruff on your face or just a lot of hair, this will get rid of it rather quickly. After using it, I find it best to go over your face with a regular razor afterwards. These can cost anywhere from $20 to $100 depending on how fancy you want, but they last for a long while.

4)      Beard trimmer. This is for guys with a beard or goatee or mustache. This allows you to trim your facial hair quickly, without losing the hair you already have on your face. You can buy this separately or as an extension to an electric razor.

5)      Nose and ear hair trimmer. While these do not have to be utilized often, it is important to make sure that any hair that you have in these areas is out of sight. These trimmers can cost $10 at any regular store.

6)      Aftershave. This is needed after shaving your face because it helps to kill bacteria and get rid of ingrown hairs. Also, ladies tend to like the smell of it.

These tips and accessories can all be found at mainstream stores or online. If you purchase these shaving accessories you are on your way to a good grooming technique that will improve your look and appearance. 

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