Short Hair Styles for Women

Halle Bery Hairstyle
Halle Bery Hairstyle | Source

How to Choose a Suitable Short Hairstyle

Many woman are often reluctant to opt for Short hairstyles, we assume that short hair makes us less feminine, contrary to this belief popular celebrities like Halle Berry, Victoria Beckham, and Rihanna maintain their femininity while sporting short hair styles.

Though celebrity hairdos may look great on them they don’t often suite all face shapes and can’t imply be applied as a cookie cutter hairstyle. Take for example Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel haircut which may have inspired thousand of woman back in the 90’s. This hairdo may look great on Jennifer Aniston, but it may not suite all face shapes.

The best way to select a hairstyles short or long, is to choose a style that suites your own face shape and the texture of your hair. If you have thin hair then you want a cut that helps create volume, this can be done by choose a hairstyle with layers.

If you have frizzy hair then you doesn’t want a style which requires constant blow-drying you can than opt for a hairstyle with a textured look. Halle Berry hairstyle is good example of this. The short Pixie cut is not just cute but requires less maintenance too.

Advantages of Short Hairstyles for Women

  • Short Hairstyle for woman do have several advantages. Apart from saving you time and expenses at the salon and quantity of hair products needed to maintain long hair, you also need less effort to style your hair each day, this leaves you with more time for family and friends or doing things you love.
  • The second advantage is one of liberation, almost a sense of freedom from societal expectation of woman having long hair. You can still express your femininity with accessoriesand makeup and your personality.

Pictures Of Short Hairstyles For Women

The pixie cut is one of the most popular short hair style chose for women. The cut is versatile enough to suite face shape.

Short Hairstyles For Woman With Pictures: Rhianna

Rhiana Poster
Rhiana Poster | Source
Kiera Knightley Short Hair
Kiera Knightley Short Hair | Source

Marie J Blidge Short Hair Style

Marie J Blidge Short Hair Style
Marie J Blidge Short Hair Style | Source
Michelle Willians Short Hair
Michelle Willians Short Hair

Short Hairstyles For Woman

  • Short Hiarstyles for Woman is great
  • I Prefer Long Hair
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