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In 1991 the Silpada story began when two housewives from Kansas, Bonnie Kelly and Theresa Walsh, took $25 from their grocery money and began hosting parties to sell sterling silver jewelry. They founded Silpada Designs six years later.Customers who purchased from Bonnie and Teresa became representatives of Silpada Designs Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Today, Silpada has designers and artisans from all across the world helping to handcraft their jewelry. Silpada has always emphasized high standards of quality, style and craftsmanship. Their wide collection of jewelry includes earrings, bracelets, ladies' belts, necklaces, pendants, rings, pins, ladies' watches, anklets, toe rings and men's jewelry, set in Sterling Silver and often accented with gemstones. The men's jewelry includes necklaces, rings and bracelets. The current catalogue contains well over 450 jewelry designs.

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I'm just your regular busy working mom so I wasn't too interested when a friend of mine asked me whether I wanted to go to some kind of jewelry open house. It turned out that she had become a rep and this was her first jewelry party. Being the good friend that I am, I went along with it and we turned out having a blast. Kate brought all of her jewelry, and after a nice pot luck dinner, we each got to try on all different combinations of necklaces, bracelets, and earings. I have to warn you though, all their jewelry is made of sterling silver, so you gold bugs are out of luck. This is fine by me, because I prefer silver to gold anyways. The numerous compliments I receive whenever I wear my Silpada jewelry has convinced me that it was well worth the money. It's so great that my friend is a rep, because now I can browse through an online catalog and pick out any pieces I want to order.

If you'd still like to order a hard copy of the Silpada catalog, you can do so here.

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luxeadj profile image

luxeadj 9 years ago from South America

Great looks

gemfind profile image

gemfind 8 years ago

I am impressed by SILPADA STERLING SILVER NECKLACE. Different jewelry designs are nice and good. Good informative hub.

JulieBelle 7 years ago

I just love your collection! Everything is so pretty!? Question: is there? a brighten (.com) where you buy stuff or is it a b&m store?

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