Skin Care in Winter

Skin Care in Winter

For many women, the winter is their favorite season. However, this is a delicate time for them, especially when the matter concerned is the skin care. Still, you can experience the low temperatures of winter without suffering a dry skin, flaky, or without having to give up a nice hot bath.

So instead of complaining of the cold, women can enjoy the winter to take care of their skin, hair, hands and feet. In this season, might need to use skin moisturizers, soaps and smoother creams with more power and lubrication protection. To keep lips from cracking, you may need to use something emollient. In the case of hands, especially for those who need to wash them frequently, and the use of moisturizing body washes, a woman could also use a special cream reapplied after washing as this type of product gives a great sense of comfort and well-being.

Below are some tips and precautions to be adopted in winter to maintain a beautiful and well treated skin.

Skin Types

For those with smooth skin, with closed pores, and without spines, there is a tendency for a more dry skin with the cold. In fact, normal to dry skin end up needing more soaps and creams for gentle cleansing, moisturizing creams in the day and nutritious at night.

In the case of skin with large pores, prone to blackheads and pimples, the use of oily creams may further worsen the situation. Therefore, in these cases should be cleaned daily with neat soap and astringent lotions, even though, in time, causing a certain sensation of "stretched" skin. The ideal is to use a mild moisturizer and night creams based on vitamin C and mild acids.

It is important to be careful when choosing the products to use. For example, the day moisturizers should contain sunscreen, even during winter, because only them will complete the protection. The sun is a major cause of premature skin aging. For extra protection against dryness and roughness, may be used products where are present things such as: silicone, urea, allantoin, panthenol and ceramides.

For people with oily skin, it is important to look for products free of some types of oil. May, however, use products with silicones because they form protective films, which prevent excessive water loss through the skin. Hazelnut oil, macadamia and wheat germ, the active ingredients found in moisturizers for the body, are also very nice and powerful. Creams for hands and feet with glycolic acid to moisturize and help remove the roughness and calluses, which can also be used in rough knees and elbows.


In the cold, people usually wake up half pale and with huge dark circles around the eyes. However, experts say, simply wash your face with hot water to make that vasodilation resulting in skin more rosy and lush, deleting "partially" the dark circles.

For those who like makeup or willing to experiment, winter is the perfect time. This time of year, women are more romantically pale and clear, so that a blush, corrective, lipstick and mascara will make any woman a diva in five minutes.

To protect the lips from cracking, it is advisable to use a shield-shaped colorless lipstick containing oil, moisturizer and silicon. Thus, the mouth is pretty healthy and quite natural. Nor should we forget that ultraviolet radiation is still acting in the winter. It is therefore important to use an SPF 12 sunscreen in the day-to-day, in the form of light moisturizers.

The Bath

In winter, nothing tastes better than a hot bath, but it may dry the skin. To prevent this from happening, here is a hint. Use glycerin-based soaps and lubricants. If you can plug the siphon, leaving your legs dipped in hot water running, pain, fatigue and rough skin of the feet will soon go away.

Furthermore, for relaxation with a sense of rest and renewal, the indication is like and throw some scent of eucalyptus on the walls and the bathtub for a hot bath. If you use a urea-based moisturizer and silicon, at least in the legs and arms immediately after the shower, see resolved much of the problem of dryness in the winter.

In conclusion, any woman can face the cold of winter as beautiful as the rest of the year. Just take some precautions.

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