Properties of Snail Secretion

Scientific Study Reveals Powerful Skin Regeneration Properties of Snail Secretion

Scientific research published in The International Society of Skin Pharmacology Journal reveals the regenerative properties of the snail secretion and its effects on human skin.("Skin Pharmacology and Physiology" ;January 2008; 21:15-22)

Scientists in Spain and the USA confirmed their studies of the "Molecular Basis for the Regenerative Properties of a Secretion of the Mollusk Cryptomphalus Aspersa". These creatures possess incredible skin regenerative properties. According to this study, the fluid substance that land snails secrete protects them from free radicals, environmental pollution and UV radiation.

Snails have been know to never suffer from the environment that surrounds them Even after slithring through the roughest of surfaces

The Solution Relies in Nature

Scientists have concluded that this same substance can aid many human skin disorders because of its regenerative properties, considering it a real breakthrough in natural skin treatment.

How does the secretion of snails work on human skin?

The serum secreted by these land snails have a powerful antioxidants which protect them from an atmosphere full of oxygen radicals. When the serum is applied to fibroblasts, it enhances the proliferation and functional capability of these cells. Fibroblasts are responsible for generating all the elements of the skin matrix, including collagen, elastin fibers, glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans. The latter two provide firmness, strength, suppleness, and elasticity for the skin by containing water.

What does snail serum do to the skin?

  1. Help maintain the skin healthy as well as improving cell function with the use of antioxidants.
  2. Help and avoid excess or abnormal scars including acne scarring
  3. Counteracts sun damage preventing premature skin aging and wrinkles.
  4. Accelerates renewal of damaged tissues, including actinic keratosis and keratosis pilaris.
  5. Opens clogged pores
  6. Induces quick skin regeneration after wound healing.
  7. Helps avoid keloids, abnormal scars.
  8. Restores tissue plasticity.
  9. Prevents and treats scars and stretch marks.
  10. Helps reduce acne scars.
  11. Fights teen and adult acne.
  12. Fights scalp and skin infections.



Skin Rejuvenation

Scientists reveal that if this natural serum is applied in skin products (twice daily for two to three months), it can result in skin rejuvenation. They think the reason the secretion works so well is because the elements contain a first line of defense and an immediate response against infections and foreign matters.

The innate immune system is comprised of the cells and mechanisms that defend the host from infection. This means that the cells of the innate immune system recognize and respond to pathogens in a general way. Unlike the adaptive immune system, they do not confer long-lasting or protective immunity to the host.

The immunity of invertebrates (like snails) is much older in terms of its evolution. It has served as the progenitor to sophisticated vertebrate systems, and has kept these animals alive for the past several hundred million years.

Snails also respond to injury by regenerating damaged cells, full organs and their skin when damaged by predators or accidents. Without an immoderate inflammatory reaction they yield quick results in skin repair without aberrant scar healing. Research has said that the snail's skin has the same structural elements as our skin: collagen, elastin, as well as a similar skin matrix. When its skin or some of its organs are damaged and then attacked by micro-organisms is quite different from our strong internal inflammatory reaction. It copiously produces and bubbles and bathes in the only natural fluid substance created by a living creature to moisturize its skin deeply and effectively, while at the same time protecting the skin with antimicrobial peptides, antioxidants, and molecules that trigger the orderly regeneration, rebuilding or renewal of whatever cells and structures may be damaged.

For human skin, it does the same but from the outside. It strengthens the body's ability to ingest and kill infectious particles or dead/dying cells and reinforces the action of the antimicrobial peptides that our skin secretes and restores balance to skin disturbing by internal hormonal disorders, such as acne and rosacea also skin affected by lesions and injuries arising from accidents, hazards, environmental pollution, damaging UV radiation, parasites, bacteria, fungus, virus, chemicals, etc.

Unlike herbal, botanical, chemical or cosmeceutical concoctions designed in a pharmacy or by the cosmetic industry, a complex natural substance secreted by these invertebrate creatures of land snails (Crystomphalus Aspersa or Helix Aspersa Müller) is already a complete and balanced solution for the scarless healing of skin lesions and its effects on ailing skin with acne, rosacea and other skin disorders may far exceed attempts to mimic life's genius' in the laboratory.

Natural Skin Care Products


There are natural skin care products based on this discovery to beautify and restore healthy skin, naturally.



The skin treatment products, include products for :



* Routine skin care ailing skin suffering from ingrown hairs, razor bumps, dryness, and photoaging.


* A home microdermabrasion cream infused with the skin regeneration activators and micro-crystals to polish away roughness, dull skin, damaged tissues and scars and allow for the enzymes in the serum to dissolve damaged proteins and penetrate deeply within the skin.


* An oil free gel to prevent and treat acne, rosacea and scars.


* A product for cystic acne and stubborn acne breakouts.


* A pigment corrector for sun & age spots and melasma, which apart from the biological serum, includes Rumex botanical extract, and a biomimetic peptide that takes away hyperpigmentation without any side effects.


* A night cream that deeply moisturizes the skin and works for rosacea treatment, eczema, dermatitis and very dry skin conditions.


* A cream for rough, old body scars, pregnancy stretch marks by dissolving deep scar tissues and by releasing their amino acids for the rebuilding of all the structural elements in charge of the skin's mechanical properties, including firmness, strength, suppleness, and elasticity. The product also helps to prevent stretching marks.



Products with serum of the mollusk yield a new choice in skin treatment. It is now possible to use a treatment cream or gel that penetrates the skin and activates the dissolution of scar tissues and triggers the the regeneration process in a balanced and complete way.



Stretch marks and premature wrinkles can be avoided by regaining skin's firmness, strength, suppleness, and thickness. This can be achieved with the support of the biological molecules in the snail serum, formed by glycans (complex sugar chains) and peptides, proteins, enzymes and co-enzymes for they contribute to organize and regulate the proliferation of all necessary elements of healthy skin (collagen, elastin, proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans). The snail serum also provides messenger molecules that bridge communication between cells and allow them to differentiate scar tissues from functional healthy tissues and enzymes that degrade those that are unhealthy or damaged into their amino-acid elements which can then be used by our body to rebuild new healthy tissues.



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ColeMartin profile image

ColeMartin 8 years ago from Orange County, CA

We put everything imaginable on our skin to preserve our youth and beauty. I love your article and it does make logical sense but I'm having a had time with the concept. Snails are not that cute even if they don't age...

Just kidding, thank you for the well written information.

Simz 7 years ago

I hev just tried the putting a snail on my face and bliv mi its not nice but i works wornders on your skin leaves you filling like a baby

brandi 7 years ago

i bought bioskincare to assist me in repairing my skin. I have light acne scarring and mild acne which bothers me. I also have stretch marks which are a lot less visable thanks to a product called strivectin but looking all over the internet, the snail stuff seemed like the best bet to healthier skin. Keeping in mind that i was able to reverse so much of my skin damage I am now looking for a full repair and bought this product. I really hope to see positive results and if i don't i will be sure to put my review on every site, domain, and address possible. Not to sound rude but I hate investing time into products that do not work and will waste my time and other peoples time. I hope that I can write a good reivew for this product after I am done using it. lol

IRIS ALVA ALVA 5 years ago



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Michelle 3 years ago

There are so many products on the market nowadays. How does one know whether the product really has the snail extract within the formula? China hasbrought out so many products but which one is authentic???

kylie 2 years ago

I bought some from alternative secrets website the snail serum..makes my face baby smooth

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