Stainless Steel Jewelry Worth It?

Stainless Steel Jewelry
Stainless Steel Jewelry

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Advantages Of Stainless Steel Jewelry

Let's get down to it, of course, it's primary advantage is that it's more affordable. More than that however, stainless steel jewelry generally are/have:

  • Classy, metallic look. Yep, and that's pretty much one of the best selling points for me. It isn't as lustrous and shiny as your sterling silver but that one of a kind metallic shade is just pure awesomeness. You can't get that with any other jewelry metal. And that metallic shine makes a killer complement to any fashion agenda, whether you're in for a semi-formal one or simply just plain casual.
  • More skin friendly, as compared to other metals. FYI, most jewelry metals used nowadays contain nickel, an element that can be considered the archnemesis of people with skin hypersensitivity issues, one that causes skin redness and itchiness. Stainless steel on the other hand contains a little percentage of chromium, enough to keep rusts and degradation away, but small enough to cause skin reactions.
  • It's now popular in tandem with other metals. Because it's cheap, many manufacturers and designers now complement it with other metals, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see a stainless steel bracelet with titanium clips or so. In fact, silver has also been designed in tandem with stainless steel! Two birds in one stone LOL.
  • Good quality yet cheaper, yeah, yeah. I couldn't keep but mentioning that stainless steel jewelry is much more affordable than any of its counterpart. Maybe because it is its primary selling point. But with its price, it's really sturdy and durable (much of it you'll expect in stainless steel appliances), so you wouldn't need to worry about dropping it and breaking.

OK, Some Buying Tips?

Now I know that with all your purchases, you should really be careful in your decisions. That's why I've listed some tips below to help you get that perfect stainless steel accessories.

  • First, do your homework. Read reviews, blogs, or any other sources you may find on the net. There are a ton of them, so go ahead and research. More often, these reviews will give you an advance overview of what to expect to the product you want. Here's an example of a stainless steel review site: OverSteel Fashion.
  • Set a budget. Yep, I know this. Even though stainless steel jewelry are cheaper, there are still those of "high end" qualities that will surely catch your attention. If you've got the bucks for 'em, good. But if not, then avoid them at all costs.
  • Compare the brands! This is especially useful if you're up shopping in the net. Of course, these brands have their own sites, so it'll be useful if you'll visit it.
  • Listen to suggestions. Oftentimes, suggestions may be good, so listen to all of them. In the end however, decide for yourself with what you want.

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