Stretch Mark Laser Surgery Information

Stretch Mark Laser Surgery Information

Millions of people every year develop stretch marks due to a variety of reasons. Whether it is because of pregnancy, weight gain, building muscle, or for some other reason; odds are you have already developed or will develop stretch marks. Stretch marks are formed when the skin is stretched very rapidly, mostly due to being pregnant or gaining weight. The skin is torn and replaced with scar tissue, which can be white, pink, or purple in color. Even after pregnancy or weight loss, the scars will remain on your skin. While stretch marks pose no harm to your health, they do affect your appearance and can lower your self esteem. There are a variety of creams out on the market that claim to help the appearance of stretch marks, but cannot fully eliminate them. However, stretch mark laser surgery has been shown to dramatically aid in the healing or drastic improvement of the scar area.

Stretch mark laser surgery sounds worse than it actually is. Actually it is a simple medical procedure, with practically no side effects. A doctor will focus a high intensity laser on the area (s) that has stretch marks on them. The laser burns away a tiny layer of the scar tissue, and then the new skin will form over the stretch mark. A treatment usually lasts anywhere from a few minutes to roughly an hour, depending on how serious your stretch marks are. There is no pain associated with it, except for a minor pinching feeling when the laser is focused on the area. You will have to go in for more than one treatment, some people go in for as many as 6 before they are done. By the end of the laser procedures your stretch marks will either be gone or dramatically improved.

One downside to stretch mark laser surgery is the cost. You will end up spending well over $1000 after all your treatments are done. Most medical professionals will offer a payment plan in helping you get the surgery that you need. Before deciding to go through with stretch mark laser surgery, try out the various creams on the market.  If your stretch marks are mild, then the cream may be all you need to have improvement. Also, do plenty of research into the laser surgery and read about the experiences of other people. If you see before and after photos, you will have a better idea of what to expect. The bottom line is that stretch mark laser surgery is not for everyone, but it can certainly help you eliminate stretch marks.

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Whipple 7 years ago

Could you have picked a more edited picture? If you don't want stretch marks, adopt a kid from China, Malawi, or Cameroon.

Amazed 6 years ago

How could she have got rid of the marks while still pregnant????

olga 5 years ago

look at the hand on the after picture.

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