Sulfate Free Shampoo Benefits

Sulfate Free Shampoo

There has been so much hype about this shampoo I want to shed some light. This product came about as a result of women having their hair straightened chemically with products by Coppola & Brazilian hair Treatments. These services are wonderful for women who have, tight curls, flyaway beaded hair and frizzy hair. The Sulfate free shampoo is a requirement in order for the the straightening treatment to work because it keeps the hair in the straightened state. Regular shampoos strip out the chemical that was flat ironed on. Clients who use other products other then what a stylist suggest run the risk of losing their beauty investment. So stick with the program your stylist suggests. If you deviate, they can't honor the service. I know women who love their hair straightened. It has given them new life and they swear by it.

For those of you who just want to experiment with a sulfate free shampoo, I want to recommend you alternate your shampoos 2x a week. The reason why is Sulfate-free shampoos leave a coating on the hair which is what makes your hair less frizzy and smoother, but be aware that if you use this shampoo every day, you will develop a funky scalp odor.It coats the scalp and does not allow the scalp to breath. You will notice your hair may begin to look oily. It takes 3 shampoos to get the sulfate free coating off. You will know its gone when you hair gets sudsy.

The best of both worlds is to alternate you shampoos and rotate with 3 different bottles.

Ok I am gonna play devils advocate and that is consumers need to know that beauty comes with a price. You need to read this next article before you buy your sodium sulfate free shampoo.

Make your choices based on what you can live with and without!

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Marisa Wright profile image

Marisa Wright 4 years ago from Sydney

What great information! I assumed that being "sulfate-free" was a good thing in a shampoo, but it sounds like it would be the last thing I want - I have fine hair and any kind of coating just weighs it down.

alphagirl profile image

alphagirl 4 years ago from USA Author

Thanks businessmcdermott!

BusterMcDermott 4 years ago

This is a great info. I finally found the list of best sulfate free shampoos.

profile image

kims3003 5 years ago

Great hub - was looking for information about shampoos not having this harsh chemical in it. Well done!

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