Have fun on your wedding day with Swarovski Crystal Hair-Bridal Tiaras

Gorgeous Bridal Tiara

GlamGals Bridal Tiaras
GlamGals Bridal Tiaras

Bridal Tiaras

Why not have fun on your wedding day with an elegant Swarovski Crystal HairBridal Tiaras?,make your childhood dreams of being a princess one day come true with some sparkling crystals. I guess we all had that little dream, its up to you to make it come true. The bridal tiara will be the focal point adding to the striking picture of the princess look of the bride. You can start a trend with your daughters one day and past down the tiara for future generations to wear, would that not be great. You can name it after your family, it will probably change if it is passed down to daughters, but you can still named it, a bit of an inheritance or a goal for your daughters to aim for wearing it.

Dazzling Bridal Tiaras

Dazzling Bridal Tiaras
Dazzling Bridal Tiaras

Types of Bridal Tiaras

You get a large variety of bridal tiaras, Swarovski crystals come in a variety of colors, you can even get pink tiaras, wow, would that not be great if you are a lover of pink. So if you get a tiaras make sure you get a decent quality one, especially if you want to keep it to pass down to your daughters. Silver tiaras in Swarovski crystals are simply gorgeous, look at the ones in the photo of "jules little gems"what a wonderful site for the bride to go have a browse around, amazing goodies. L.Erickson have some stunning Metal Headbands with Crystal designs, great as bridal hair accessory. See the L. Erickson Florentine Flower Crystal Headband, for other kinds of designs from this company, some are simple and elegant as well, a single band with crystals on top.

The kinds of bridal tiaras available are vast here are a few of them:

  • Pearl tiaras, swarovski & pearl
  • Colorful tiaras in different color stones to match your dress.
  • Gold, silver, and crystal bridal tiaras.
  • Headbands or vines, see the website, "jules little gems" for more info on vines.
  • Rhinestones in white gold or gold
  • Vintage look, Tiffany one like Audrey Hepburn made famous

Bridal Gown, girls hair accessories

Alternately you can try to make one yourself with a metal hairband that has a comb on it, use wire and pearls and crystals, twisting the ends so you end up with all spikes. I tried it, once you get the hang of it, still a stunning effect, with fake pearls and crystals. If you google it you should find it under the how to section, they have pretty much everything else. Or else look out for handcrafts where people make them, for a unique tiara.

Always remember it depends on the bridal gown which bridal tiara is going to go with it, pearls for a natural look, for the dream princess look rhinestone, swarovski crystals in silver. Also depending if you have a veil or not, you can get these little short veils which look good.

Match up the bridesmaid in girls hair accessories or you can get them tiaras as well depends on you, but there's all kinds of stunning hairbands, hairpins to match.

Remember to try on these bridal tiaras, if you are not used to wearing hairbands, so go to a couple of shops and test them out, walk around in them - see what it feels like, shop around literally.

Jennifer Behr Swarovski Crystal hair band

Jennifer Behr headband
Jennifer Behr headband
Jennifer Behr Swarovski encrusted hairband
Jennifer Behr Swarovski encrusted hairband
Stunning Swarovski Crystal band by Jennifer Behr
Stunning Swarovski Crystal band by Jennifer Behr

Stunning Bridal Tiaras

  This design is from "jules little gems" - check it out if you just love it.
This design is from "jules little gems" - check it out if you just love it.

Princess Charlene's gifts from Prince Albert

Bridal updo with Extend it clip in extensions

Royal Wedding 2011 The Halo Tiara

Tiaras of the Royal Family

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Come on everyone that has worn a tiara, let us know what you felt or thoutht about it. 10 comments

shoeaddict profile image

shoeaddict 7 years ago

Woooww. They look very attractive. :))

swarovski ring 6 years ago

wow what a site .this blog is specially for bridal crystal jewellery. swarovski crystal necklaces

angelagale12 6 years ago

Hi guys,

It's really awesome.......I love it.




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shellyl88 6 years ago

These crystals are the perfect way to add to your updo on your wedding day - they add an elegant touch to your hairstyle and can really enhance your look.

I found a great salon in Austin that I really enjoyed - they did a trial run of my bridal updo and I loved it. If you're in the area, check out - http://www.joseluissalon.com

Racheal Beauty 6 years ago

Getting married is one thing that every woman wants,i love the love and accessories.

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Mutaba 5 years ago

I think every woman dreams of the day she will get married.They will spend the attire day just looking at wedding pictures on the net and magazines.The information on the weddings,accessories and how best to look beautiful on your day is just amazing.Keep posting more articles because this is what we really love.

roc6 profile image

roc6 5 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa Author

Thanks Mutaba, women do dream of the day they get married and the dress and how they will look. A little girls dream I guess....

Jamie Feliciano 5 years ago

Hey, I discovered your this one while searching on web, your article looks extremely important for me. I'll add a backlink and bookmark your web page. Glad I found useful info.Keep up the good job! http://www.beautifulbridetobe.com/

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roc6 5 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa Author

Bless you Jamie, glad it was of some use.

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Hi my family memebr! I wish to say that this article is awesome, great written and include almost all important infos. I would like to see more posts like this .

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