The Lion King Costumes

Lion King Costumes For Halloween or Playtime

The release of the Lion King 3D due later this year is sure to inspire a revival of interest in Lion King Costumes for both kids and adults this Halloween. First released in 1994 the Lion King has been one of Disney’s most successful releases to date making its mark as one of the best movies of all time. Following these success sequels to the Lion King included, The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998); and a prequel, The Lion King 1½ (2004). The Lion King 3D is due for release later this year. Popular Character includes Simba, Rafiki, Pumba and Timone. Lion King Costumes on sale include Simba, Nala (Simbas mother) and Pumba Costumes.

Simba Lion Costumes
Simba Lion Costumes | Source

Simba Lion Costumes

  • Simba is the lead character of the Lion king, faced with avenging his father’s dead Simba shows the courage and leadership of a great King of the Jungle. Simba’s character is a great role model for kids and they will love playing Simba the lion. Simba Costumes on offer include a full jump suite with detailed head mask. The fully body suite allows kids to move around with ease or to remove their mask if they feel uncomfortable. This is ideal for playtime or Halloween.
  • The Simba costumes are available in a range of sizes for both kids and adults ranging from $32-$44.

Pumba Costumes
Pumba Costumes | Source

Pumba Costumes

  • Pumba the Warthog together with his sidekick Timone the Meerkat provide comic relief in the ling King and also enjoyed their own success with the release of the Timone and Pumba TV series.
  • Pumba costumes similar to the Simba costumes are also available in both child and adult sizes.

Nala Lion King Costume
Nala Lion King Costume

Nala Costumes

  • Nala is Simba's companion accompanying him on his adventures. The Nala Costume is available in adult and child sizes and currently retails from $33.75.

Which Are Your Favorite Lion King Costumes

  • Simba Lion King Costume
  • Nala Lion King Costume
  • Pumba Costume
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Lovable Lion Costume
Lovable Lion Costume | Source
Cuddly Cub Toddler Costume
Cuddly Cub Toddler Costume | Source

More Lion Costume Ideas

Plush Lion Costumes for Toddlers

Lovable Lion Costume

  • Like the name suggests this adorable toddler lion costume for infants includes booties and detachable head.
  • Current retail Price: $34.99

Cuddly Cub Toddler Costume

  • Toddlers may not be big enough to enjoy trick or treating buy they will love getting dressed up. The Cuddly Cub Lion costume is made with a soft plush machine washable fabric .Includes a hood with mane and ears and the body suite has a tail.
  • Current Retail Price: $15.93

Lion Ears and Tail Set
Lion Ears and Tail Set | Source
Lion Animal Half Mask
Lion Animal Half Mask | Source

Lion Masks for Adults

Moms and Dads if you don’t want to have to run around in a plush lion king costume then you can opt for the simple Lion face masks.

Lion Ears and Tail Set

  • This life like Set includes ears and tail and faux fur can fit both kids and adults.
  • Current retail Price: $9.89

Lion Animal Half Mask

  • This realistic face mask includes nose, main, whiskers and ears.
  • Current retail Price: $6.25

Despicable Me Costume
Despicable Me Costume | Source
King Julian Costume
King Julian Costume | Source
Lightening McQueen Costume
Lightening McQueen Costume | Source

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these costumes are beautiful i love the baby lion

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