the most popular subcultures of all time~ their origins & unique fashion styles

Teddy Boy style
Teddy Boy style
glam rock
glam rock

The term subculture refers to a group of people with their own style and perspectives used to separate them from the larger culture to which they belong. There are and have been different subcultures in history, some were also rivals, with members of different subcultures becoming enemies automatically. The more interesting aspects of subcultures are the philosophical views, fashion style and music they created and how people adopted that lifestyle to fit in and be part of a big group.

The following are some of the most popular subcultures of all time and how they developed.

Teddy boy

Remember Grease? Remember the extremely high-waist trousers and tight t-shirts? That’s the Teddy boy culture for you. This culture consisted of young men wearing drainpipe, high-waist trousers, drape jackets and greased-up hair combed back with a quiff in front, while the girls wore bows on their head and hobble skirts. It started in London in the 1950s and was adopted mostly by well-off, young people and it was acceptable for men to be concerned about their appearance.

Glam Rock

Remember David Bowie, Iggy Pop and the Velvet Underground? Well that's the look I'm referring to. It all started in the 1970s.The music evolved from psychedelic rock and art rock predominant in the 1960s and was quite diverse. I think I have never seen people looking more....eccentric than those who lived in the eighties; the wild hair, the numerous bangles, the leggings worn by men and women, and those boots, oh those boots! It’s strange how back then everyone looked (or thought they looked) cool wearing those clothes, but then again it’s funny how most could pull it off. I’m sure many look at their own photographs taken at some party, and are amazed by the fact that they actually wore those clothes in public, but then again, you think, oh it was the eighties, it’s fine!

The Rockers

Rockers were most popular in the 1960’s but the subculture developed in the 1950s and they were characterized by their leather jackets, the tattoos, the sexy motorbike and that mean look. The subculture formed after the second World War, when motorbikes weren't as expensive anymore. Motorcycling became an important lifestyle choice, as did the 1950s and 1960s rock and roll music by Artists such as Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley.


the Punk subculture was not only about the fashion style and music, but also a philosophy. Modern art was very inspirational to them. Their art is a depiction of many things, such as political issues and was used mainly for album covers and flyers. They shocked everyone in the streets with their mo-hawk, the boots, the ripped trousers and that attitude. They wore this style simply to shock and enrage the general public.


Grunge was born in mid 1980s, where people wore flannel shirts mostly and their jeans constantly. I can’t say it was coolest style, but it’s amazing how millions of people adopted it, especially when Kurt Cobain rose to fame, with his untidy hair and cheap clothes, the exact opposite of the glittery and glamorous appearance of the 1980s.

The hippies

Born in the 1960s, the hippie style has got to be one of the most iconic of all time. The subculture developed after a youth movement in the 1960s and the word actually means "to be aware". They mainly opposed the Vietnam War and tried to raise awareness about it. The movement also attempted to teach about cultural diversity as well as spiritual concepts which spread around the globe and became accepted by many. The style is all about the long hair, the colours, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and the “loving” attitude. Nowadays, the “Hippie” look is back in fashion and the Beatles music still listened to by millions.

Which subculture do you think was the most influential?

  • hippies
  • grunge
  • punks
  • teddy boy
  • rockers
  • glam rock
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jenscott profile image

jenscott 5 years ago from United States

I heard someone refer to a Teddy Boy this weekend on one of my fave British mystery TV shows and I thought, what on earth was that? Now I know! (Should I admit I was thinking they must be somehow connected with, er ... teddy bears?) What an interesting hub and great photos, too.

Maltese-er profile image

Maltese-er 5 years ago from Europe Author

hehe! Yeah I only learned about them quite recently too! thanks jenscott

Mentalist acer profile image

Mentalist acer 5 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

I'm a Sci-Fi Geek who listens to Pink Floyd.;)

Maltese-er profile image

Maltese-er 5 years ago from Europe Author

yes well pink floyd they're the best

KenWu profile image

KenWu 5 years ago from Malaysia

Awesome write up... the Rockers are cool...

Maltese-er profile image

Maltese-er 5 years ago from Europe Author

thanks kenwu :)

DiscoDynamite 4 years ago

@Mentalist acer

Oh my lord, your my soulmate! :P Im obsessed with all things sci-fi/fantasy and as said before, Pink Floyd is the best!

Johng383 2 years ago

acquiring equivalent rss snag? Someone who's going to be aware of nice retort. Thnkx beabkgkefkbg

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