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The North Face Met 5 Jacket
The North Face Met 5 Jacket

Discounts and Bargains on Gear by The North Face

I'm a frequent The North Face outlet shopper but so far this year I haven't been. I'm sure that's about to change soon because I'm looking for a down jacket before my trip to the Canadian Rockies. Usually when I go it's during the winter, because that's when my body starts telling my brain to dress warmer because I'm freezing my ass off. I have no problems going to an outlet because I don't always need the latest styles, and the clearance sales are usually on items that are out of season.

There is a lot to love about the clothing from North Face. As you can see from this catalogue, their jackets are ultra modern and trendy, but most importantly they keep you warm and toasty. Whenever I need something for the outdoors, this is the first place I'll look and if I don't find something I need here, then I doubt I'll find it anywhere else.

I don't know if it's just me, or if this happens to others, but one small complaint I have has to do with their lack of medium and small sizes. The last time I was at their outlet, the only sizes that were left were seemingly L and XL. Cmon, North Face, not everyone can be 6 feet tall.

I'm hoping that this year will be different, and when I make my annual trip to one of their summer clearance sales, they'll have something for me to buy and that it will fit me like a glove.

Jackets from The North Face are on Sale!

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North Face Denali fleece
North Face Denali fleece

Find Your Nearest North Face Outlet Store

The first time I visited the NF outlet I nearly cried with tears of joy. Why, I asked, hadn't I found out about this heavenly place sooner? But instead of lamenting all the bargains that had passed me by, I immediately went and bought 3 jackets, one for my bf and 2 for myself. I probably saved $350 that day and it was cathartic. If you don't think you'll find anything, then you're deeply mistaken, because the store is filled to the brim with everything from jackets, shoes, snow gear, backpacks, and all kinds of outerwear for about 30-50 percent off, if not more.

Now that you've heard me espouse the virtues of outlet shopping you're probably chomping at the bit to try it out yourself. There's no doubt in my mind that if you're heading for the snow, then an outlet store is the best place to gear up. To find your nearest location, visit the North Face outlet store locator for a full list of outlet stores across the country. See you on the mountain!

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Michelle Williams wearing North Face

The North Face fleece jacket
The North Face fleece jacket

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phil h. 6 years ago

Does North Face still operate outlet stores in this country? I vaguely recall having been to one some years ago but now I can't find a phone number for them.

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