Timex's Watch Controls Your IPod

Timex Ironman iControl Watch
Timex Ironman iControl Watch

History has shown us that manufacturers are capable of producing some horrible convergence devices. Does the internet refrigerator ring a bell, or how about the cellphone music player. It's just human nature for designers to want to create the one device to rule them all. With this goal in mind, products often become a mashup of disparate functionality squeezed into the same device. The results can often be less than desirable, and you're left with a device that is less than the sum of its parts because ultimately you'd be better served with a fridge that handles refrigeration, and a computer that handles internet access.

Where others before have tried and failed to be the perfect convergence device, Timex's IronMan iControl watch, looks to have succeeded. It is a sport watch that is also a remote which controls the playback functionality of your iPod. It works because it performs each task equally well. The incorporation of the iPod's functionality into the watch does not in anyway hinder the operation of the device as a watch, and vice-versa.

Timex iControl comes in six colors with a receiver that attaches to your iPod. ($43.88 sale price)

the iControl is a good fit for athletes who need a watch but don't want to deal with Apple's iPod remote
the iControl is a good fit for athletes who need a watch but don't want to deal with Apple's iPod remote


  • Functional buttons to remotely control iPod
  • 50-lap memory recall chronograph
  • Timers for speed and endurance training
  • Multi-mode countdown timer
  • Training log stores Running data
  • INDIGLO┬« night light with NIGHT-MODE┬« feature
  • 100m water resistance
  • 3 year battery life

What's in the box

  • iControl watch
  • Receiver

fumbling for your iPod in mid-stride is over
fumbling for your iPod in mid-stride is over

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