Top 10 Sunglasses Brands

Top 10 Sunglasses Brands

Sunglasses are more than eye protection, they are part of the style of each person. As a beauty accessory, the Top 10 brands of sunglasses are held in a growing market.

Different styles of the main brands allow you to have a sunglass for every moment being sports, classic with colorful frames and dark lenses or frames with dark tinted lenses.

Top 10 brands of sunglasses the most famous and most sought after are:

  • Oakley, the sunglasses from Oakley are sportive. Usually athletes such as cyclists and runners, buy this brand because, besides the quality and beauty, fit the face being very resistant when doing activities. But if you are not a high-performance athlete Oakley style is great for a weekend.
  • Adidas Eyewear: still in line of sportsman, Adidas has a tradition, being respected and requested. With colorful frames suited for sports, also for a more relaxed weekend.

  • Mormaii Eyewear: Known to be followed by surfers or beach goers, the brand Mormaii has very popular characteristics with young people. The frames are colored and have designs like waves, dragons or abstract. Colored lenses and frames as blue, pink and purple are present in their collections.
  • HB Eyewear: HB brand has glasses for sports and also for those who just like that style. The frames are slight and some models have different designs. The lenses are mostly black with colored frames, but for women a few models have matching frames and lenses, for example, the model HB Hennes, frame and lens lilac in gradient.
  • Vogue Eyewear: one of the most admired and desired brands by women. Has sunglasses with a classic and elegant style. Vogue Sunglasses may be the mark for the modern woman and the traditional woman. Colored glasses with chrome frames degrades or dark lenses to suit any chosen outfit. Some frames have applications in discrete designs or stones.

  • Ana Hickmann Eyewear: The model and presenter Ana Hickmann launched her brand of sunglasses with different models, from sports to the more traditional. Frames in bold colors like orange or chrome cater to all tastes.
  • Evoke Eyewear: This brand gained market with adolescents, characterized by clothes and accessories with unique style. Glasses frames are very colorful as the colors lime green, white, pink, red, blue and yellow eye-catching contrasting with the dark lenses. But Evoke has some models of sunglasses in black and light brown for people who wants to be fashionable,but is a bit shy.
  • Prada Eyewear: Prada sunglasses line have a classic and elegant style, but with unique details. The colors of lenses most used by Prada are black, brown and light gradient. Colored lenses are discrete with a gradient that combines with the acetate frame. Chrome frames also make up much of the Prada line.
  • Gucci Eyewear: Gucci brand, acquired by the class A and B of our society, has the same thought that Prada, as the target customer are the same. The brand of sunglasses from Gucci has a larger frames with colored lenses and discreet brown or black on light gradient. Has acetate frames and chrome, with some applications with the brand logo on the side.
  • Emporio Armani Eyewear: With discrete sunglasses, they dispute the market with Prada and Gucci. Elegance and style are guaranteed. Clothing must accompany this most elegant accessory. The frames are mostly chrome and dark lenses. There are few options in colored acetate and black and white models offer a few red and blue too.

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