Top 35 Most Famous Emo Girls With Their Hot Hairstyles

Emo Hairstyle is Unique

It can be hard being alternative these days. However, emo hairstyle is one way to separate oneself from the pack. While everyone can get the same clothes and fashion accessories, a person's hair is totally unique to them. Even make up is often the same and limited to what people can buy in local stores. Hair, however, is totally individual to each and every person, and they can make different styles from what they have which will see them be totally unique.

That said, there are generally certain styles which young women in this subculture like to choose. Generally, because of the pessimistic outlook that they have, there is a desire to keep things jet black when it comes to hair. People who are naturally dark haired find their natural hair color is not sufficiently bleak in tone to do: they will often ensure that it is perfectly black like coal by using hair dyes to make it so.

Occasionally, this is counteracted by a girl who wants to stand out from the crowd. However, in this section of society, people will often look to diametrically opposite colors. Therefore if dark black is not the preferred look, then often it is bleached blond, almost white and incredibly vibrant. This is not a Barbie style of hair color - that would be anathema to any self respecting emo. Rather, it is punky and fierce, and shows that the person has no nonsense when it comes to their lifestyle.

Characteristics of Emo Hair

Cut varies depending on how people want to look. Because of the cultural associations with long blond hair that the western world has (often it is associated with wholesome women next door and daddy's little girl) there are very few people who ascribe to this sort of mentality who will bleach their hair blond and keep it long. Often it will be cut dramatically short or left very long and kept spiky and ruffled.

This represents the personality of those behind the hair. The boyfriend haircut has taken the place of the boyfriend jean in being bang on trend for this section of society. People find this sort of style the ultimate choice.

Those with black or dark hair will often do the same sort of thing with their hair. It will either be short and with a dramatic fringe (the calling card of this society) which sweeps highly and angularly across the face, or it will be an angled bob.

The ability to cover a person's eyes with their hair is important. It is this which is most commonly perceived as common to this section of people in the major cultural papers and outlooks. Androgyny in hair as well as general look is a major part of this culture.

For those who want their emo girls hairstyles to be even more cutting edge, they can do different things. Most important is to be innovative and unique. Some find that by adding a flash of color - red or green - to their hair, they can be even more unique. Often, people will dip dye their fringes to make them stand out more.

Styling emo hairstyle can be a daunting task. But, don’t worry girls. Here I have the list about the top 35 most famous emo girls with their hairstyles. These are all unique, hot, and totally fashionable:

1. Audrey Kitching

2. Chelsea Lynn

3. Dakota Rose

4. Dani Gore

5. Izzy Hilton

6. Charlotte Destiny

7. Kelsey Glamour

8. Kiki Kannibal

9. Alicia Simmons

10. Hanna Beth

11. Jac Vanek

12. Kirby Carnage

13. Lara Loft

14. HeidiMightyBear

15. Sj Whiteley

16. Kaiyakerasine

17. Jenn Curbstomp

18. Kelly Killjoy

19. Jesse Cupcake

20. Barbie Material

21. Heather Beather

22. Chaosbaby

23. AshFace

24. Lesley Lock

25. Kimmy Katt

26. Lexi Lush

27. Katie BabyFayce

28. Amor Hilton

29. Hannie Dropkick

30. Deanna Degenerate

31. Brittany Kramer

32. Rizzie Stardust

33. Brookelle Bones

34. Bee Pirate Hooker

35. Vanna Venom


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dude wtf.... 4 years ago


To dude wtf 4 years ago

What's the difference between the two styles really. Not much and I know for a fact none of them would claim themselves as "scene" or "emo" just as themselves

jaya s. aguilar 4 years ago

so amazing and wow

Sesley 4 years ago

There all very beautiful

xXemokittyXxanna 4 years ago

dude learn ur diffrence between scene and emo :x

Chloe 4 years ago

They are all pretty!

april 4 years ago

All the girls are just beautiful.. :-)

kriss 4 years ago

Exactly there is no "scene" or "emo" its people being themselves! People who clain scene and emo are just FAKE.

Paige 4 years ago

you know half these girls aren't emo.. they are scene.. BIG difference

Lea 4 years ago

Stop bitchin then..... explain the difference between emo & scene!

jazz 4 years ago

Actually, it's simply a term, for a style. "scene" or "emo" are things that help people like you understand the difference, and if there were no people like you, it could simply be accepted as being DIFFERENT.

Oh, by the way, they look like real people t me, not very fake, considering it's who they are and choose to be.

So kthanksbye

mayonnaise 4 years ago

my fav is kiki

harry kh 4 years ago

i love emo

lolol 3 years ago

That picture of "Jenn Curbstomp" is actually a girl named "Kristina Roche".

Anna Audacity 3 years ago

Okay. So, there is a difference between emo and scene (I know for a fact, I'm the one who's friends are either emo, scene, or skaters) and its huge. But.. I'm not going to explain that right now. Anyway, brookelle bones is the second most faked person on the Internet next to Kiki Katastrophe. But she is emo, Kiki is scene. Scene hair is big, emo is not as big. Now that that is over with, I will go out on a limb here and say to you guys, that I'm emo and proud, not goth or punk or any of that other bs you guys are calling me.

God, I sound like an 8 year old today..

2 years ago

fun fact izzy hilton is actually a boy also anyone who claims scene or emo is retarded

Hope 2 years ago

Miryam Sater

TheSmart 2 years ago

all girls here are scenes I find like 3 or 4 not scene but emo.. scenes are colorfull and crazy and its call scene because its only scene its only style emos live the emo style it's a lifestyle but scene isn't emos need to listen to rock,metal,punk,dubstep and scenes don't have to.. scenes need to be adorable cute thingies xD and emos are usually sad.. these are just the little differences and there are waaay more differences between emos and scenes :*

TheAmazing 23 months ago

These are all scenes, there are 0 emos in this list.

Rei 22 months ago

Izzy is actually male

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