Tria Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Review of The Tria Laser Hair Removal System

The Tria Laser Hair Removal System is your answer to home hair removal and is the first hair removal system to be reviewed and approved by the FDA. This revolutionary system was developed to bring the laser hair removal system home to you. You no longer have to worry about setting and keeping appointments with a hair removal specialist.

You can use the Tria Systemin the comfort of your home whenever and wherever you like. Here we will review some the Tria home hair removal system and you can decide if it is right for you. Keep in mind that this system isn't for everyone. Read on to find details to the questions that you might have about the system and read actual customer testimonials to hear what others are saying about the Tria Laser removal system.

Tria Laser Hair Removal System
Tria Laser Hair Removal System

Tria Laser Home Hair Removal System Review

After reading this review you should have the information you need to be able to decide if the Tria System is right for you. The Tria is not a toy and should be handled with care and only after you have a complete understanding of all the directions provided to you by Tria. The system comes with many safety features to ensure that you the consumer are protected and that you use the Tria Hair Removal system only as directed.

How Much Does The Tria System Cost

The Tria system can cost anywhere from $495 to $600. This may seem like a lot of money but when you think of the cost of professional hair removal at a clinic the price tag is completely worth it and you can do this at home. Lets examine the cost of hair removal at a clinic or spa. After you know the cost of professional hair removal you will see why you should buy The Tria Hair Removal System.

Cost of Hair Removal Treatments

Legs 6 Treatments
Under Arms 6 Treatments
Bikini Line 6 Treatments
$500 - $1300
$150 - 250
$150 - 450 
$500 - $1300
$150 - 250
$150 - 450 
$500 - $1300
$150 - 250
$150 - 450 
$500 - $1300
$150 - 250
$150 - 450
$500 - $1300
$150 - 250
$150 - 450
$500 - $1300
$150 - 250
$150 - 450
Total: $3000 - $7800
Total: $900 - $1500
Total: $900 - 2700

Tria Laser Hair Removal

How Does The Tria Laser System Work

The Tria laser Hair Removal System works by targeting the hair follicle with light emitting diodes (LED). These diodes interact with the dark pigment of the follicle where the light is transmitted into heat affecting the follicle causing the hair to fall out and hindering the regrowth of the hair and leaving you skin smooth and hair free in most cases for good.


Customer Testimonials

"We purchased the Tria last month, and I've already noticed hairs falling out. I'm really happy with the system so far, and hopefully once I get around to treating my legs I'll be able to stop stealing those really nice razors my husband buys for himself."

- C.Kotz Los Angeles, California

"I think this is a great product, and I can see results after 4 treatments (2 on lowest setting, 2 on medium strength). I have about a 70% decrease in the amount of underarm hair. Also, I think that my skin looks healthier."

- M. Holcomb San Diego, California

Tria Hair Removal System Safety Features

The Tria Hair Removal System has many safety features that allow you to safely use it for your hair removal needs. The first and most important safety feature is knowledge. The Tria Laser Hair removal system comes with an important and essential instruction manual.

It includes step by step instructions on how to use the product. It is very important that you read this material before you use the system. There is important information on how it should be handled and used.

Other Safety Features of the Tria System:

  • You have to call or go online to activate the product for use
  • A skin sensor to check skin tone
  • A green or red light to tell you if you can use the Tria for your skin type
  • Intensity selector to choose your level of comfort for each treatment


How Long Does Tria Take to Charge

There are two settings for charging your new Tria Home Hair Removal System a normal mode and a quiet mode. In normal mode the Tria can be charged in as little as 2 hours in normal mode and up to 8 hours in quiet mode. The difference in normal and quiet mode are simple. In normal mode the Tria is charging at a much high rate and speed so a cooling fan turns on and off during charging to reduce heat. In quiet mode the rate of charging is reduced so that the cooling fan is not needed.

While charging the lights on the front will light up in sequence from bottom to top. When charging is complete the Tria will provide up to 250 light pulses at it's highest setting and a substantially higher number at lower settings. It is easy to tell when Tria is finished charging. The three indicator lights on the front of the Tria will be lit up indicating it is fully charged and ready to use. After charging remove the power cord. The Tria will not operate with the cord attached.

The Doctors Review Tria

Who Can Use Tria

When thinking about purchasing a Tria System you may have questions such as "What color skin do I need to have in order to use Tria?" or "Does Tria work well on dark hair or light hair?" The answer is this people with light skin and dark hair are the best candidates for laser hair removal whether you buy the Tria System or plan to pay for professional treatments.

Don't worry if you are unsure about whether or not you can use the Tria. A skin tone tester is included so you can check the tone of your skin to show if you are able to use the system. If the tester indicates you are not a good candidate then simply pack it up and send it back. The Tria comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


What Body Parts Can Be Treated by Tria

The Tria System can be used anywhere below the neck. On places like underarms, legs, bikini lines, arms legs and feet. The FDA has not yet approved the Tria for use on areas abouve the neck. Treatments that are required on the body parts above the neck are recommended to be handled by a hair removal treatment specialist.

Does The Tria Hair Removal System Hurt

You may feel a tingle or burn when using the system as indicated earlier. This can be reduced by making sure your skin is properly prepared for treatment by closely shaving the hair that covers the treatment area. Most women who have used the Tria reported that even at the highest intensity setting the discomfort they had experienced while using the system was very minimal and bothered them very little.

Customer Testimonials

"I've used the TRIA laser for one month now and so far I'm happy with the results. I look forward to a year from now when hopefully I'll no longer have to shave."

- L. Fisher Salt Lake City, Utah

"I was skeptical when I bought the TRIA. My doubts were completely squished after using if for two months. The results are AMAZING"

- Cbelle

How Should I Prepare My Skin for Treatment

Before using the system you should prepare your skin for treatment. First of all you should not wax or use tweezers on any area you plan to treat for at least 6 weeks before you use Tria. If you wax this pulls the hair follicle out of your skin and in order for the system to work the follicle should be in place.

Second make sure the treatment area has been washed and is free of any skin care product or any other chemicals that maybe on the skin this includes deodorants and perfumes. Finally shave the area you desire to treat and make sure it is a close shave this will help decrease the tingling, burning or swelling that may occur.

Prepare your skin for treatment:

  • No waxing or tweezers for 6 weeks before treatment
  • Make sure the treatment area is free of all chemicals (e.g lotions, perfumes)
  • Closely shave treatment area

Can I Use Tria if I am Pregnant or Nursing

It is not recommended for someone who is pregnant or nursing. The system has not been tested on pregnant or nursing women. The treatments can cause hormonal changes that may increase sensitvity and irrtation during and after treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects From Using Tria

The most commonly reported side effect has been temporary redness of the trated area. Although tingling, burning and swelling have also been reported but on a much smaller scale. If the side effects are to great or increase in any way you should discontinue use and send the product back. Tria comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Comments 2 comments

SS 4 years ago

bad product, i dont recommend to buy it, its waste of big amount of money

i bought tria laser product last year, and after i used it for couple times, i forget to use it for months and then i decided to use it the product was not charging anymore and its damaged, they selling product and giving warranty for 1 year and they know will not works after the first year, when its brand new, u have to charge it for hours and we guys can use it for 20 minutes and you have to pass it all over the area that u wanna use to do the laser, in this 20 minutes u will not cover even one half arm if u wanna cover all ur rm area as its mention in the manual, i called the support center and i asked them to help me with my product and make it fixed cos i even didn't use for 2 months and left it in my wardrobe? they said your warranty is over and pass 1 year o they are not responsible any more! im will let all my friends and family know about what happened with me and im not recommending it attttt allllll

Patty 4 years ago

I'm very happy witn my Tria. I use it once a week, on one charge. Treatments are every 2 weeks, so I do certain areas one week, other areas the next. With this system, I'm able to fully treat all the areas I want to on one weekly charge. Honestly, I do want to treat any longer than the charge lasts--I'm bored and ready to move on by the time it dies! I'm seeing a noticeable decrease in hair growth in all areas and I have very thick, fast growing hair. I've only had it a couple months, but if it lasts a year, I'll be happy--especially considering the results. Besides, I've never own any rechargeable electronic that didn't eventually stop recharging!

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