Vintage Goggles with Steampunk Style

Steampunk and Vintage Goggles

If you're at all familiar with Steampunk, you probably have already seen many awesome pairs of vintage goggles and other types of eye wear. But if you've had trouble finding your own pair at the local army & navy store (often a great source), you might want to take a look at some of the options here.

You don't always have to buy expensive vintage goggles to get the right look for the outfit you are wearing. Some newer goggles work just as well -- you'd be surprised how steamy a pair of brand new welding goggles can look and for a lot less money. Even simple safety glasses or goggles can work with the right outfit. So don't be afraid to experiment. You can always pop out and replace lenses, or simply use spray paint to get the right color.

Classic Motorcycle Goggles

Classic Round Lens Moto Goggles Motorcycle MX Vespa Jeep Motorbike Scooter Interchangeable Lenses Steampunk Burning
Classic Round Lens Moto Goggles Motorcycle MX Vespa Jeep Motorbike Scooter Interchangeable Lenses Steampunk Burning

This is a great pair of goggles at an excellent price. They look pretty flash in silver and black and have a great retro look to them.


Vintage Swiss Military Goggles

I own a pair of vintage Royal Air Force goggles that I picked up in an army surplus store for about $30. They are very similiar (in fact, I'd say identical) to the Swiss Military goggles and those are easily found on Ebay.

Almost all of these types of vintage goggles feature laces that tie at the back of your head, but you can easily replace these either with an adjustable band or with leather laces.

If you decide to paint the frames, be sure to protect the piece of velvet that lines the inner frame.

Brass Goggles

Some sellers on Ebay have clued to the fact that the Steampunk and Cosplay communities are actively seeking cool pairs of vintage goggles to wear. So if you are hunting on Ebay, be sure to look for vintage steampunk goggles or cosplay goggles in your searches.

If you are looking for a pair of quintessential brass goggles, there also some Ebay sellers who specialize in custom work, so if you aren't handy yourself, you should still be able to find a hot pair of brass goggles to wear.

If you would like to make your own goggles, here is a tutorial for making brass goggles that should get you started. This pair is quite high end, made with actual brass and leather.

For something much cheaper, but still pretty sharp looking, check out the tutorial for costume goggles that you can make out of toilet paper rolls! Just spray paint them and you are all set for your photo shoot! If you need more props, you can also find tutorials for making your own ray guns.

Here's a tip if you are doing a photo shoot. Want to get a nice vintage look? Try using a Holga camera or another toy cam like a Diana for your pictures. Or try doing some thru the viewfinder shots with an old twin lens reflex or a Kodak duaflex. Any of these camera will create a unique look.

Welding Goggles

If an authentic pair of vintage goggles is a little too pricey for your wallet, get yourself a cheap pair of welding goggles. You can pick up a pair for less than $10 and then modify them without having to worry about ruining an expensive pair of vintage glasses.

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RVDaniels profile image

RVDaniels 7 years ago from Athens, GA

Weird cool. Do people actually wear that in public?

embitca profile image

embitca 7 years ago from Boston Author

Yes, but not always on their eyes. Frequently you'll see them slung around necks or on top of hats. They are very common at SF conventions and the like.

shadowlock9 profile image

shadowlock9 7 years ago from Weed

hey this is very cool i myself have wanted a pair like these , definitly gunna look into this :)

Jim 6 years ago

One of my first jobs was cutting metal at a scrap yard.

The scrap company gave to me a pair of the cheap welding/cutting goggles. Later, I had a job in a Pittsburgh Pa steel mill. United States Steel Corp. gave everybody the Cosplay style with prescription lenses, if needed.

8BitEggplant 5 years ago

I need a pair of safety goggles for school, and as soon as I was told I could bring my own, I knew I had to try to find a steampunk pair. Can these be used for that purpose?

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