60s Band T-Shirts

Millions of people all over the world wear t-shirts. They are an item of clothing that can be worn in any way, style, or fashion direction.

It always depends on how the wearer prefers to wear it. T-shirts can be worn casually over a pair of shorts, jeans, or skirt or semi-formally over pants with a sports jacket thrown over it.

Men, women, boys, girls, children and even babies all wear tees so they can be described as an item of clothing for all.

One of the reasons why t-shirts is embraced by all ages, groups, and personalities, including the fashion and trend conscious is because tees projects a young, carefree, and casual outlook. And because attitude has always been the architect of fashion, those who love them show a stylish attitude of 'casual freedom' in their flair for fashion.

T-shirts illustrations - prints, images, and quotes, can be described as typical but if you wish for something different you can go the ‘Vintage inspired' route. They are quite trendy but are mostly worn by savvy men and women that desire something different. Such shirts include:

  • Band t-shirts
  • Retro t shirts
  • Music t-shirts

Band Tees of the 20th Century

If you like the music of the 60’s, rock bands, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and co, AND you like tees with unique graphics, you’ll love band t-shirts. Problem is finding them to buy and finding one with your favourite rock band.

Jimi Hendrix Tees Online

As far back as the sixties when rock bands were the rave, music promoters also cashed in on their popularity by creating and distributing t-shirts, especially at live shows. They were meant to be promotional items for band members, and souvenirs for their numerous fans.

Some of those fans of yester-years are still fans today though many are now grandparents.

It is certain that t-shirt lovers – especially those who wear ONLY t-shirts and not the regular ones will love to find authentic band tee shirts with images of 60’s band logos, band members, and if possible concert performances.

Many will love to have those with their favourite musician’s pictures.

Top 10 Favourites

  1. The Beatles
  2. Rolling Stones
  3. Pink Floyd
  4. Queen
  5. Led Zeppelin
  6. Guns ‘N Roses
  7. Black Sabbath
  8. AC/DC
  9. The Who
  10. Jimi Hendrix

Women T-Shirts with Vintage Art Illustrations

How to Get Music Themed Tees

As it is almost impossible to find such these days, many opt to have Illustrations printed on their choice of t-shirts . . . hoodies, long, short and sleeveless. This can be done conveniently online and within 48 hours, you should get your order delivered.

Create or Buy Your Own Band T-shirts, Hoodies, and Sweatshirts, all made from high quality materials.

Rock Musicians

  • Led Zeppelin
  • Black Sabbath
  • Pink Floyd

Metal Music Bands

  • Metallica Band tee shirt
  • Nirvana
  • AC/DC

Jazz & Blues Musicians

  • Miles Davis
  • Dizzy Gillespie
  • John Coltrane

Pop Music

  • A Simple Plan
  • Limp Bizkit
  • Bryan Adams

Punk Music Bands

  • Sex Pistols
  • The Misfits
  • Fear Factory

Images you will find to use include those of rock musicians and groups. There are also selections bands of different music genre like:

  • Rock music
  • Metal music
  • Country music
  • Jazz and Blues
  • Pop music
  • Punk music

There are thousands of fans out there willing to ‘wear’ their favourite bands. It is a gesture of their loyalty, admiration and love for the band, the musicians, and their era.

In a way, wearing band t-shirts is a way to express some sense of humour and musical inclinations and you’ll find many celebrities wearing these vintage inspired tees.

There certainly is a highly positive effect in this form of promotion and it is trending amongst some of their fans.

Go for the best quality. You don’t want your illustrations to fade off after two washes so you want to go for the silk screen printed ones.

You must avoid t-shirt images done by heat transfer process as they are of lower quality and fades in no time.

How to Wear Band T-Shirts

How to Maintain T-Shirts with 60’s Band Images

If you intend to “machine wash” your band tee shirts or any other kind with your favourite illustrations, turn them inside out before putting in the washing machine. This will protect the prints from being ‘scoured’ by other textiles rolling around with it in the washer.

Your washing machine should be run on cold or warm water and must be on a gentle wash setting. And never use washing detergents that contain even the tiniest amount of bleach.

Just like a pair of jeans, the' humble' shirt that’s always 'there for you' will have designs and styles that come and go with fashion trends. However, the classics such as the vintage band tee shirts will always remain timeless. Good reason why they are keenly sought after.

Great Classics of the 60's Rock Music

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