What are Gel Nails

What are Gel Nails

Nowadays, it is quite normal to find women with artificial nails, or with gel nails. The main reason women choose this type of nails, is because the real nails are very fragile and weak and makes it impossible to paint them so artistic. Hence the choice of women for gel or acrylic nails.

These types of nails have become very popular due to its natural appearance, and after all they are flexible to the point where they can be used on a daily basis. This type of nails, is usually used as a cover on your nails and require great care by the wearer.

There are two different types of gel. One is created by UV and the other is created with an activator which is sprayed on the nails.

Key benefits of Gel Nails:

  • There is not any associated odor, not bringing any irritation to the wearer.
  • They give a totally natural look, looking up at all with real nails.
  • They are thin and flexible as the natural nails.
  • They are light in color and not yellow, so that the original gel can be left longer.
  • They will not rise, making them much safer to use.
  • They are less damaging to the nails, like the acrylic nails.
  • When the gel nails are removed, there are no signs of have been used artificial nails.

What to consider when choosing Gel Nails:

  • Necessary to note, how fast your fingernails grow.
  • The nails may need to be polished more often.
  • Cracks should be repaired as quickly as possible.
  • Usually the gel nails are more expensive than any other type of artificial nails.

When you are planning to use gel nails, choose the right salon, and make sure that the technician that will make the placement of the nails is experienced and she understood your request. Note that gel should be used and not a combination of liquid to powder, in addition, the gel should not have odor, have attention to these details not to be deceived, and achieve perfect results. In addition to the gel, you may request small paintings or small diamond stones to decorate and beautify your hands.

Women know that despite the gel nails, are very expensive in comparison with most other artificial nails, you know that it's worth, because you would not achieve such results with any other nails, and the benefits are well worth. In conclusion gel nails are an excellent option for those who have weak nails and small and a strong desire to have nice nails, big and healthy.

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