What Is Inner Beauty Within Us

Inner Beauty, the soul?

Inner beauty is the most important feature in our human being. All of our actions in a day draw from that inner beauty or soul, if you wish. Have you ever wondered what makes you act the way you do or who you are, inside? Are we are just a collection of cells that happened to come together by chance or is there some grand design someone we can’t see or touch that brought us all together? Inner beauty shows itself in many ways perhaps by helping an elderly neighbor with their yard work or volunteering your time to your community, have you? Can we really see the soul of another person or do we feel the presence of it?

Love is an expression of inner beauty. Does one give love on a daily basis? Does one feel loved on a daily basis? Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life and the lives of others. This can only come from a place of inner beauty which is the soul! Do you feel compassion toward another human being when you see them in pain or suffering? Compassion comes from inner beauty, at times you can feel it tug at your heart, sometimes you can ignore it. Deep down it’s there no matter how you try to ignore it or quell the feeling.

Visual Outward Beauty

What about outer beauty? Can outer beauty, say a beautiful waterfall, a majestic mountain or the brilliant stars in heaven, be enjoyed without inner beauty? I think not. A person can be attracted by outward beauty only to find on closer examination that it is ugly on the inside. A beautiful looking person can be filled with hatred or with love. But how do we know unless we look on the inside? We often judge people when we first meet them by the way they look. It has always been said; you cannot judge a book by its cover. So look inside when you first meet people and look for that inner beauty, in the long run it is far more important than outward

What can physical things in life do for the soul?

What can physical things in life do for the soul? The answer is “nothing”. You need to fill the soul otherwise it starves. Is your inner soul starving? You can satisfy the hunger with acts of kindness and love, there is plenty in this world to fill the soul. Use it every day and I believe you will be full in no time. After 9/11 I felt love and compassion for all of my fellow Americans, I remember sitting at a toll booth waiting for the person in front of me, fumbling to find the correct change. Any other time I would have been a bit angry at the wait but this time I would have waited all day without anger. I believe it was because we were all one during that time, one country, one people. Why can't it be like that every day as we work, play and live?

I don't have all the answers nor do I proclaim to be fault free but I do know the feelings of my own heart. I am sure that each one of us has thought some of these very things at some point in our lives. I don't want to be on my death bed saying, “I did it all wrong”; there are no do overs. Your inner beauty can flourish and grow, no one can quell it and no one can take it away.

I don't know about you but I am going to look for the inner beauty in all that I meet.

Copyright 2009 Bob Green


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Gillian from Singapore 6 years ago

That was beautiful, just what I need at the moment.

IntelliLove 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing! Inner beauty is really from divine qualities, it is full of love and kindness.

anaiD 6 years ago

That was very brilliant and descriptive on how you described the inner beauty among all of us, and thank you! :D

Colleen(SIS) 6 years ago


Lydia 6 years ago

Your article is really easy to understand ,that's what I need.Thanks for your article,it's helpful & great...

nataliie 6 years ago

ooo me encanto!

Danielle 6 years ago

I get it now!The whole time I was looking in the other direction. Thanks!

caroline 6 years ago

I see your inner beauty on this page. Thanks for this, I needed this good advice.

lllll 5 years ago

ohh godd that was gorgeous!!!!1

priya 5 years ago

that was awesum n just wht i wanted!

jay 5 years ago

The Words Here Were Well and Descrpitive.Not At all Hard to Understand. And Is very True. All inner beauty is Unique also!

Nana 5 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing this great page about inner beauty. After watching Beastly, I was interested to google it up for inner beauty. It tells me that not only we should judge people from the outter beauty, however, we should definitely get to know them to find out their inner beauty. It's hard to believe but we all judge them right away from their outter beauty without appreciating their inner beauty. Eventually, someone who loves you WILL find the inner beauty of their partner and will reveal the real him/her. Beastly is such an inspirational movie, since it tells us that "Love is never ugly". Just because someone was once a handsome, beautiful person yet their personality isn't so great (wealthy, spoilt, annoying, etc) once being cursed into an ugly beast, the girl finally realized the real him. How his inner beauty is so beautiful, he finally realize the real him himself. How I wish the curse could really come true to people who think outter beauty is so much more important than inner beauty. When they are cursed, they can then realize that the real "them" is not who they are supposed to be. Then they can make a difference in other people's life.

barbz and chin 5 years ago

thank you au kay naa na jud mi assignment.................. i like it

Sirena 5 years ago

Wow that was very well put together, such great advice you gave.

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OlgaIvette 5 years ago from Cape Coral, FL

Great article, very insightful.

lauren 5 years ago

i shared this on facebook, it is awesome :)

greenjr198 profile image

greenjr198 5 years ago from Florida Author

Thank you for sharing Lauren, I hope you have a blessed day! Robert

naina 5 years ago

This article is very good and the one i wanted it for my speech

Sachin 5 years ago

This artical is very nice

Celena 5 years ago

Bob - your message is beautiful, thank you.

marzie 5 years ago

Hi bob

i was surfing the net to write an essay

i face to ur text

it is very nice effective

tnx a million

katherine escabarte 5 years ago

inner beauty is best than the outer beauty for me.y? it is becoz inner beauty it shows who is u in ur own ways while the outer beauty it seems only when someone see u in first meet then suddenly judge without knowing the inside....thank u so much i hve lot learned about this..



Kacey123 4 years ago

Very good!

Owen forevvver 4 years ago

I love ittt!!!

Ben ellis 4 years ago

I love vikAa my gf and This is her

Alice 4 years ago

This article is inspiring! The exact topic am writing on now. Thank you!

monica 4 years ago

Inner beauty can last long time.

shan 4 years ago


Ash 4 years ago

This is really helpful

You are a good essayist!

But try improving the standard of English a bit more..

Otherwise you rock!!

Good luck

akbar hussain 4 years ago

Great service to humanity. This change my outlook towards life.

LOVE 4 years ago

Absolutely well said about, "Inner Beauty" Thank you for sharing such an inspirational message!

nicole 3 years ago

I like how you said you could wait all day without anger. And I usually fumble with my change feeling rushed, worried I am making someone impatient. So this really comforts me that where there is love, there is really no room for hatred of any kind. I really love this article, it is true. Thank you. :)

raji 3 years ago


mari 2 years ago

I love your article, and it inspired me a lot!

suzanne 2 years ago

Thanks for the poeme,now its time for everyone to pratice what you write in real life not just writing, sugestion and then your poeme will be marvelous. Don't you agrees!!!

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 2 years ago from london

Nice Hub, decent thoughts.

noemeJoy 2 years ago

because of your essay i have done my project . your essay give me more idea . and i wrote it on my report .thank you ;)

Vagabond Laborer profile image

Vagabond Laborer 19 months ago

Hi Robert--you asked for feedback regarding your hub. You are obviously a sensitive soul who earnestly wants to share good and decent things with others. I believe that it wasn't featured because it is a bit didactic or "preachy." Perhaps you can provide specific examples of the inner beauty of others. More photographs or a video might also get the editors' attention. Continue to write and READ--advice I need to take as well. Best of luck!

Sgt Prepper profile image

Sgt Prepper 19 months ago from Elkhorn, WI

Too mushy?

erorantes profile image

erorantes 19 months ago from Miami Florida

I like your hub. It is beautiful. It reads good. You need to add two pictures beside the one you have. I like your picture. You need to orginaze your words with each picture . You are about to add. The pictures need to describe your words. Good luck with your hub.

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