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It's my first time to get a tattoo, is it true that it hurts? Well it does hurt. Visualize yourself punctured or pieced with many needles on your ski, it really hurt. If you're getting a tattoo, needles are punctured into your skin at a very fast rate and variable length. Generally, people who got tattoos usually says that you'll only feel a hot scratching sensation and skin burning.

If I'm getting a wrist tattoo, how much will it hurt? Pain is a relative feeling and one person might feel pain more than the other. Each person might have high acceptance and tolerance with pain thus making them to feel less pain when getting a wrist tattoo.

Wrist tattoos are placed on the wrist that has less fat, tissue and "boney" area so expect that you can feel more pain than the other tattoo areas. But there's nothing much to worry, tattoo artists have been trained to do this thus they can be able to give tips and suggest ways to make the tattooing less painful.

Getting a wrist tattoo is not all unbearable. There are important tips to know so help minimize the pain during the tattooing. Firstly, find a tattoo artist that you can trust and is a real professional who knows how to keep you comfortable and does quality work.

Second is to avoid taking any kind of drugs or alcoholic drinks before getting the tattoo. Tattoo artists sometimes refuse to offer you their services if you're not on your best shape. Being drunk does not contribute in lessening the wrist tattoo pain that you might be feeling. Third is to keep yourself busy with something else like listening to music or talking to a friend. In this way you can keep your mind off from the pain while the tattoo artist is rendering his work.

Fourth, if it's your first time in getting a tattoo try having smaller wrist tattoo designs first. This will somehow let you gauge how much pain you can tolerate. Lastly, in cases that you can no longer tolerate the pain immediately inform the tattoo artist so he can administer desensitizing gel or you can just ask to stop the tattooing. You can always come back the next day or two to continue with it.

Getting a Wrist Tattoo

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Natalia 7 years ago

hello!can someone tell me if a tattoo on the wrist or at the back of the neck hurts more????

Amber 7 years ago

As I have both...I can offer you some firsthand expierience...

I got the back of my neck done first, it wasn't bad at all. The worst part was the itching when it was healing.

As for the inner wrist...it was uncomfortable...but not unbearable. It was quite sore the next day and somewhat swollen. This area is pretty sensitive. Ibuprofen did help, but all in all...it was not that bad.

:) 6 years ago

I just had a wrist tattoo and i thought it would be unbearable! im the biggest chicken when it comes to pain but it was fine!! nothing to worry about at all..just sore and tender afterwards

sammie  6 years ago

im havin a wrist tattoo in 4 days im really scared, ive only had a tattoo on my hip and that reallly hurt me, im hoping my wrist isent as bad, its quite a large 1 aswell :(

tiffany 6 years ago

Im getting a wrist tattoo today! hope it doesn't hurt, im afraid of needles

shabbychicchick 6 years ago

I had a wrist tattoo done a few hours ago, and looks great! glad i had it done.At first it didn't hurt at all but the closer he got to the bone really hurt- i would say 7 out of 10, the rest wasn't to bad! but i did start to feel alittle light headed and had to stop for a short time, top tip take a bottle or can of coke this will help the suger levels back into body and after afew mins will be Aok! It seems to hurt more now than having it done! Go for it you will be fine.

yodsuriyan 5 years ago

look guys tattoos are going to hurt either way, think of it this way if the area of skin is soft and does not see the sun much it will hurt much more then if not also bony parts of your body will tickle a little more as well... if your wondering what you can do to combat this pain, do not go down the path of valium or xanax as you will likely feel more pain i did 40 hrs in 3 days tried both of these, the only thing i found to work well is puffing on a joint... it wont make your blood thinner and will work a treat especially if you are not a usual smoker so there you go guys have a little puff or just put up with it and appreciate the art that's on your body...

jessica 5 years ago

my mom getting my 18th brithday am thinking gettind on my wrist!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian 5 years ago

I just got a tattoo on my wrist an hour ago, and it hurt really bad for most of the time. part of the time it was little to no pain. after the fact there is relatively no pain at all.

Page 5 years ago

Which one hurts more, getting permanent make-up or a tattoo on the wrist?

Jenny 4 years ago

i have a rather thin wrist, and you can see the blood vessels very easily. is it dangerous to have a tattoo there in this instance?

Nicole 4 years ago

Jenny, I'd ask the tattoo artist about that, but I'm pretty certain you'll be fine. I've heard that if you have visible tendons and veins it can hurt a lot more though. Mine don't show through my skin and my wrist tattoo was the least painful of my 3. It was a little irritating, but that's pretty much it, and I absolutely do NOT have a high tolerance for pain. I'm a big baby haha.

tammylol 4 years ago

im 14 and this summer in june im getting a tatto on each wrist saying fear nothing idk i just always wanted that sience i wus 9 years old. im scared but i ainttt a pussy even tho i have one lol wen i felt my wrist i felt a skinny bone so im kinda nerves wen that neddle tuches that part but o well we all have to go through pain :)

Kayla 4 years ago

Tammylol it is your decision but 14 might be a little young to get a tattoo. It's something you should spend more time thinking about, especially with getting it on the wrist. It may make it harder to find a job. Not only that but your body is still growing and as you get older the tattoo could stretch and become distorted. I know I wanted to get one when I was that age, but i waited till I was 20 till I got my first one and I'm glad I did. I was able to really think about it and make sure that it was something I really wanted to do to my body. I now have 7 tattoos, I don't regret any of them but that's because I waited till I was older and knew for sure that was what I wanted.

Jenny 4 years ago

Thanks Nicole!

Shay 4 years ago

I'm turning 16 soon, and as my birthday present, my mom is taking me to get my wrist tattoos. I've put lots of thought into what I want, and decided on getting lyrics from a song of my favorite band. I'm getting "Forget Regret" in simple cursive writing. I'm excited to get my tattoos, but I'm a little nervous. Needles don't really bother me much anymore.. Are there any injuries or sensations you could compare a simple wrist tattoo to? Thanks (:

CNB 4 years ago

@Natalia They say that parts of the body that do not see much sunlight hurt the most.

Carrie 4 years ago

My first was on my hip and really the only pain was going across the hip bone in a couple spots, though it was very tolerable, especially in comparison to the second tattoo. My second was a blacklight design starting at the base of my thumb and making it's way up the side of my arm. The wrist bones were a killer, but I have very little meat on my arms for padding. Basically, bones hurt more than other areas. Also, the more nerve endings in the area, the more you will feel it. I'm considering a third in the next few months or year, but only after I know it won't distract from a professional job.

Good luck everyone!

china209 4 years ago

Wow a 14 n a 16 year old smfh u need to stay in skool n not worry on a tattoo wtf....i.have a tattoo on my tummy n it didn't.hurt i always say to myself if a girl could go through the pain of child birth she can get a tattoo wit her eyes closed

Kat. 4 years ago

I'm 16 and I think tattoos are an amazing way to express yourself, and to be able to have something to look at that's permanently on your skin and it's something to be proud of. I'm getting a child abuse awareness ribbon on either my wrist or just the inside of my arm. :)

Emily 4 years ago

Hi. My mom is finally letting me get a tattoo, and im thinking of getting it on my wrist but not really on my wrist like alittle bit down from it! Does it hurt? I mean im ok with pain cuz ive had many operations through my life but im kinda scared!!

Tab tab25 4 years ago

I just got a wrist tattoo yesterday. I was scared but after awhile the pain went away it didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would focus on something else, or have a conversation with someone and you won't even realize the pain that bad.

Cass 4 years ago

Getting my wrist tattoo in 6 days. For my 18th birthday. I'm scared :o

Ariee 4 years ago

I understand that the bony areas hurt more than others but can someone describe the pain of a wrist tattoo. I'm really nervous and this is my first

jaba 4 years ago

i had a neck one done and it hurt less than my shoulder! and always wanted a wrist one but was reall scared as its sooo boney there, i went with my bro to have his all day booking for his chest piece and he offered to pay for my wrists to be done at same time it took me all day to pluck up courage to have it done and did so as bro was in pain having his done so though i cant be a chicken if he can do that so i got it done and yano it wernt bad no diff to my neck

Amy 4 years ago

hi everyone.. I had a wrist tattoo done 5 days ago! Im not gona lie but i had to bite my lip a little. Ive got 2 other tattoos, one on my shoulder an one on back of my neck and they didn't hurt half as bad. Ive only got thin wrists so the bones an veins are quite visible! Thing is i still have slight pain in my wrist.. After 5 days.! Has anyone else experienced this?!

Ney09 3 years ago

does it really hurt if u get a tattoo on ur wrist? Because my veins do show and its my first tattoo idk if i should do it or not :/ but im not scared of needles tho what should i do

penny lane 2 years ago

I have a tattoo on my hip one on my belly a large one across the top of my arm and I had a wrist one done today. The one on my hip didn't hurt almost all of the time there was a 2 minute moment where it hurt a little. My belly one which is tiny was EXCRUCIATING! and I have a high pain threshold! Some people find it hurts more near the bone I find its agony on muscle! My stomach muscles went into spasm!

The large arm one didn't hurt anywhere. My wrist one today didn't hurt and wasn't uncomfortable in the slightest. However it's swollen now but most people say that happens with wrist and foot or ankle tattoos...

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