What you need to know about your shoe

Things you need to know about your shoes


A lot of people have been embarrassed by their shoes in the past. Your shoes will either bolster your confidence in making impact on people or turn you a complete wreck. The first thing a lady looks on man is his legs and what you have on your legs speak volume about you. So it is very important to take proper care of these accessories.


There are three things to consider when purchasing a pair of shoes: Style, color, and comfort. In other words, your new pairs of shoes should boast a killer look; go great with the rest of your wardrobe. Another factor to consider is the price, but that is an easy one because it is the function of your income. Finding the right balance between style and comfort is a personal matter. Some people prefer to sacrifice comfort for a cutting edge style. While others would rather slip on comfortable shoes regardless of how it will look with the rest of their attire.


Apart from wearing a cloth that matches shoes the shoe must also fit the legs. There is nothing as nauseating as wearing over-sized or short sized shoes. How embarrassing it could be dragging your legs while putting on over-sized shoe. It is also considered a bad habit to put off your shoes and walk bare-footed in the office. But you may not help it if you are putting on very tight shoes.

Caring for your shoes

When you are spending fortunes on good shoes, there is always the need for you to take good care of them or else they won’t last. Taking care of shoes is more than having brush and polish, you must know how to polish and the right polishes to use for the right shoes.

# You need to put protector on the soles and heels of your shoes, if you are the type who does not have a car. No matter how expensive and how good the shoes may be, you should realize that these shoes were made in a different environment for different occasions. That is why it is very important to use protectors. There are both rubber and iron protectors. Most people prefer rubber protectors because they don’t make a noise, unlike iron protectors which tend to make noise on hard surface.

#You also need to know that it is not advisable to sun dry your shoes after use. Instead clean it and then place it in a place where there is too much air and you can place some moth ball in them to reduce the offensive smell that might be oozing out if it has been in use for so long.

# To keep your shoe clean and glowing, you will need a kit box that contains the following: Shoe polish of different colours- black, brown, neutral depending on the colour of your shoes. Aside from brown and black shoes, most coloured shoes take neutral polish.

#You also need brushes, depending on the colour of your shoes. You will be damaging the colour of your shoes to brush a brown shoe with black brush. Some shoes could be polished with liquid polish. But liquid is best for suede.

#You will also need a soft handkerchief to wipe dust off your shoes before applying polish. Clothes are generally used to dust or clean up the shoes ready for creaming.

It is always better to use shoehorn while putting on your shoes. This helps in preventing forceful pulling of the delicate leather. It is also advisable to brush your shoe in one direction. By brushing it zigzag, it will not give you the perfect and glossy shine you desire.

Endeavour to insert shoe trees in your shoes after removal. Shoes stored without trees lose shape, crease and break. Lastly, remember darker colours or black shoes make you look more professional and fit for every occasion.

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