Internet- Society Fears

Internet- Society Fears


Computer and Internet has now become part of our family and no office or business house will function without it. This statement may be exaggerated but more or less true in developed and developing countries. Internet is information superhighway. Information on net covers every subject under the sun, which can be accessed for varied utility in our living. Its utilization for personal uses like banking through online trading to entertainment and e-mails is spread across our society. It contains our personal information too like bank account, medical history, bio-data, address and even credit card data etc. All information you name it including one's personal info is there and asking you to catch it if you can. More likely than not, transactions involving you have found their way without your knowledge or consent to one or more of the thousands of computer networks.

The computers' application in our society has brought in big changes associated with speed and comfort. It also has certain fears associated due to cyber crimes, certain objectionable cyber games and websites. More particularly parents are worried about their children who are exposed to home computers. Web based solutions to avert social humiliations do it your self medications like terminating pregnancies can be unsafe. Cyber crimes like online hacking into bank accounts, credit card information etc., are of constant worry and danger.

Perhaps software engineers need to do lot more for safety of personal information. Cyber crime law needs to monitor and enforce regulations of web sites, which are of suspect or objectionable to society's harmony. We definitely need computers and online information sharing and transactions.

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ColdWarBaby 8 years ago

The most important thing that must be addressed regarding the Internet is its control by fascist capitalist corporations. The ownership of the Web is already being established by giant “corporate persons” in an effort to reduce it to just another source of capitalist profit and propaganda.

sunitha and family 8 years ago

I do agree,exposure to use of computer surely is advantageous but at the same time disadvantageous especially for kids,they have just forgaotten there is something called as reading books and playing outdoors.


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