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Second Generation Flip

Looking for a great birthday gift or gift for Christmas 2011?

The Pure Digital Flip Ultra is a ultra-portable and highly affordable camcorder. The Flip Ultra offers a highly affordable way to catch impromptu moments. The Flip Ultra is user-friendly and designed with the novice in mind.

The Flip Ultra Video Camera is user friendly and slightly larger than an iPod - making it highly portable for those spontaneous moments you don't want to miss.

The Flip Ultra has FlipShare software that allows you to easily share your videos through email and social networking sites.

The Flip Ultra Video camera and improved Flip Ultra HD are made by Pure Technologies.

The Flip Ultra Video has received rave reviews in places like the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. The Flip Video Camera has also been endorsed by Oprah Winfrey. Oprah featured a Flip Video discussion on her popular talk show.

Pure Digital Flip Ultra Camcorder

Pure Digital Flip Ultra Camcorder
Pure Digital Flip Ultra Camcorder | Source

What's So Great About the Flip Video Ultra?

  • The Flip Ultra is slightly bigger than an ipod - highly portable!
  • Features a large 2-inch color LCD screen to play back and delete videos
  • The Flip Ultra has built-in software allowing you to email videos, edit clips, and upload video social networkings sites like YouTube and MySpace
  • The Flip Ultra runs on two AA batteries
  • Captures 120 minutes of quality video

Flip Video Reviews

"If you haven't already flipped for the Flip, you might now."
- USA Today

"One of the most significant electronics products of the year"
- New York Times

Watch Flip Video HD Footage

Flip Video Camera
Flip Video Camera

Oprah Loves the Flip Video!

Oprah used the Flip Video Camcorder to film her own interviews with the makers of the Flip Video Camera.

The Flip Video Camcorder is a user friendly way for people to record footage, and upload it to YouTube.


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