HELP! My Kids Have My iPad and Won’t Give It Back!

The "Now" Era

About a month ago my wife and I moved into the “Now” era. With the purchase of a new iPad 2 we find ourselves on the cutting edge of technology (Sans the data plan. I mean, who really needs it when you can use a wireless connection or tether it to a mobile phone data plan).

That was a month ago. I’m sure in another day or so it will be old technology.

But considering my wife and I have PC’s with Operating Systems at least one version behind the current, an Xbox 360 that we are too cheap to purchase the Xbox live subscription for so that we can enhance our gaming experience, and BlackBerry phones that don’t have data plans (which I guess means we can’t tether the iPad to our non-existent data plan anyway), I think we are doing pretty well.

Oh, and we have a Blu-ray player; but only two Blu-ray DVDs.

Little did I realize, or choose to see, that Apple products are exceptional for the following reasons:

  1. Games
  2. Netflix
  3. Angry Birds
  4. Weird Creatures that Repeat What You Say


Let’s face it; the iPad is great for games. I recently downloaded the “Catan” board game on the iPad and am extremely impressed with the A.I. (for those not in the “Now”, that’s “Artificial Intelligence”). It’s a challenging game that requires you to build settlements and cities, and provides resources based on the roll of a dice. Like craps, but for nerds. Little did I know that it would provide me the skills needed for the live board game that takes place every week at my co-workers house. Can you say, “Lord of Catan…. Halllah!”


Despite the fact that Netflix has decided to screw their customer base by making them choose between mailed DVDs and streaming video, Netflix is still a useful utility on the iPad. My daughter has been obsessed with the movie, “The Strawberry Shortcake: Sky’s The Limit.” She even knows how to select the Netflix icon and choose the movie to play. Talk about branding genius. Who would have thought red background with white lettering would be so recognizable to the 2 – 4 year old demographic?

Angry Birds

Such a great game that it deserves its own heading. Less of a game, and more of symbolism for the life we lead. Trying to take back what was stolen. Risking life and limb for the greater good of community. Shooting ourselves into walls, glass, and pigs in order to obtain freedom. Angry Birds defines who we are without knowing. Feathered poultry in a sling shot.

Weird Creatures that Repeat What You Say

Talking Tom, Talking Ben, Talking Mimi, Talking Gina, Talking Oz and Talking ATO? Just to name a few that are installed on my iPad. Each has different animations, depending on what you do to them, but they seem to be the craze right now. Punch them in the face, they hurt. Tickle the stomach, they purr. Feed them and they gain “happiness” points. Speak to them and they repeat what you say in an off pitch. What’s next? Maybe we should have a “Talking Obama.” That way every Tea Party Republican can say anything and his words will come back distorted.

My kids have cornered the market on the cutting edge technology, and seem to be more proficient with using the iPad 2 than I. Luckily, I do not require being in bed by 9 pm. The iPad is right next to me and out of the hands of my kids. It’s now 11:00pm at night. Freedom is mine!

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Cogerson profile image

Cogerson 5 years ago from Virginia

I think IPad and IPad2.....need to have a tobacco products do.....WARNING: This product is very addictive to both adults and children.

I enjoyed reading your hub and I could feel your pain in losing your IPad 2....voted up and interesting...welcome to hub pages.

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