Stock Trading and Investment Mobile Applications for Android

Stock Trading and Investment Mobile Applications for Android

These are some of the stock trading and investment apps that you will find on the Android App store that can assist you with your financial management and stock portfolio reviews. If you enjoy monitoring the market and managing your own money then you understand the need for access to quality information about the activities of the market. Utilizing an Android smart phone gives a business professional the ability to stay up to date with important activities during the day and able to make the right decisions.

Here is the applications that will be rviewed, listed in no particular order.

1. Stocks by Dato

2. Stock Alert by Pocketools

3. Quote Pro by Quirk Consulting

4. Stock Noise by Stock MVP

5. Stock App by Kiran & Rohit

6. Scrollable Stock Widget

7. Smart Trading Lite by Philip Chen

8. Economy by Cascade Software Corporation

9. iStockManager by TD Ameritrade

10. StockTweet by

Stocks by Dato - Sync your Google Finance Portfolio with your Android Phone

This is an excellent application for the Android phones and is one of the most downloaded stock apps with over 250,000 downloads according the Android store and it has a 4 star review with thousands of reviews.  If you use Google Finance to track your portfolio information than this app makes everything in your stock monitoring world bliss, with easy synchronization with Google Finance this Android app keeps your data seem less whether you are sitting at the office with your desktop or on the golf course with your buddies enjoying a nice afternoon. 

The application supports several different markets from the US, Japan, Europe and many more.  During the day the data will be constantly updating just like Google finance would be if you were checking the web browser.

This application is free to download.

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Stock Alert - Monitor the movement of individual stocks with an Android Smart Phone

The Stock Alert application is a slick little stock market monitoring application.  It has integrated news from around the market including a You tube feature to provide you up to date with market information as well a standard ticker and stock portfolio set up.  The unique feature about Stock Alert is that it allows you to set up a system to be notified when one of the stocks you trade hits a specific number either high or low.  This allows the average investor to be a little more in tune with the fast changing market and able to make a decision about buying or selling a specific stock at the right time.

Setting this application up is pretty easy for monitoring your stocks, you can even set it up to watch foreign currencies.

The Stock Alert application by Pocketools is a free ad supported Android mobile application.

A Stock Analysis App review

Economy US Indicators

The app Economy by Cascade Software is an excellent resource for staying up to speed with the latest news and economic indicators that can dictate the mood of the trading day. Know what is going on with the issues that matter most for finance professionals such as inflation, unemployment, political events, and more.

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supercibor profile image

supercibor 6 years ago from Dominican Republic

Amazing technology

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sabrinathomas 6 years ago

Now the generation has become more advance and are using advanced technologies. It is very good.

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adrian9177 6 years ago

Android technology rocks! keep it up

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nyleinnad 6 years ago

Great minds from the expert to be aware of the market!

arcy 6 years ago

Business owner now can do there business in Android technology thru this application.

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richwin831 6 years ago from Pagadian City, Philippines

Great technology! Amazing!

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This is a real advance business technology keep in touch with the business.

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gekbel 6 years ago

Great article. Android can make your business life easier. :) Love it.

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nicolekitch 6 years ago

Great technology. Keep up the fantastic posts and I have just tweeted the post on Twitter

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cococlick 6 years ago

this article surely gives assistance. android technology is great! impressive article.

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mayanne23 6 years ago

nice application! amazing technology!

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jans26 6 years ago from New Zealand

awesome article!

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haroldiempire 6 years ago from Iligan City

Android technology! I really like the apps.. Great!

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dennise_toledo 6 years ago

Very impressive innovation. It really gives a great help for my business.

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jans26 6 years ago from New Zealand

Awesome technology innovation.

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wimbly22 6 years ago

Android technology, awesome!

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dave1887 6 years ago

Utilizing an Android smart phone gives a business professional the ability to stay up to date with important activities during the day and able to make the right decisions. Great application.

afzal podcsafd 6 years ago

Thank you so much, I did not know about doing that, I will try again! Thanks again!

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reynm 6 years ago

monitor the stock market on my phone? cool.

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mooky9 6 years ago from Manila

I really like this news.

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marie_iyakin 6 years ago

Well written article. Very informative. This will help a lot.

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iamjewel1925 6 years ago

Android tech is sooo cool! Another two thumbs up innovation!

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mar8fejie 5 years ago

This is really a smart tool and I love this!

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chloverel 5 years ago

Nice Technology application..thanks for this article..

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chamilj 5 years ago from Sri Lanka

Amazing mobile technology.Thanks sharing! Voted up!

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elmercagape 5 years ago

Amazing invention ..Thanks to the person who invented it. Life makes more easier than before.

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roselyncuay 5 years ago

Nice Article .The invention was very nice.

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kenjileppien 5 years ago

Using an Android Smartphone which will help you utilize and gives a business professional the ability to stay up to date with important activities during the day and be able to make the right decisions.

Ms._Info profile image

Ms._Info 5 years ago from New Jersey

Technology has really come a long way! I didn't realize that there were so many options investment/finance apps available the the android market.

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iamageniuster 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing, I might just download it myself.

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Jangaplanet 5 years ago

We have seen some pretty amazing technological applications in the past few years which have truly facilitated every aspect of our lives. It never ceases to amaze. This surely helps any business professional. And to think that there are now thousands of apps available for Android! Remarkable invention.

Great hub, thanks for sharing CZCZCZ!

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wjames 4 years ago

This is some great technology. I haven't gotten into trading from my mobile phone yet.

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