15 Ideas To Increase The readers Of Your Blog

15 Ideas To Increase The readers Of Your Blog

There are some steps that are necessary and important to get more readers for our blogs, tips to increase traffic, I would add a few more things to make it a point in our favor.
Here I make a list of ideas or the most important tasks we can undertake to add visits to our blogs.

Tips to increase traffic

1 - Post often: Write more, it is tested, but you should also pay attention to what you write, write with utility.

2 - Crossposting: Good or bad? Still, many say they do with sites like Technorati crossposting is bad, some do not consider that Technorati is good to have readers. You can not see a significant increase in visits, if your posts contained in Technorati are not important. What matters is not here, if the service does not ping between the posts, this is very valuable for bloggers and increase the ranking of measurement systems of many blogs.

3 - Link Exchange: Try to make friends among people who have the same theme site, suggest a link exchange. Therefore, always very careful, do not go to the point of send an email to the site owner directly for an exchange. This usually falls on the bloggers, it's better to talk about something else first, i congratulated him on a post he wrote, if you are not entitled to exchange in the mail first.
Do not abuse the reciprocal links, we know that Google is penalizing such behavior, but if you do little, for example, about 5 or 6 exchanges, no problem.

4 - Link to all: This is not new, link to other sites will bring more benefits than losses. Every blogger has the pleasure that always wants to make calls and return the favor. Well, I know, not all;) but most are good people and take into account for future connection.

5 - In directory: Not in any directory if you want to receive visitors and readers should try to get links in directories with large crowds, such as Yahoo or DMOZ.

6 - Forums: Participate in forums where they can be potential for future readers of your blog. In the signature of every message you send to the forum insert a link to the blog.

7 - Comments: Try to respond to the comments of all readers and also comments on other blogs. Try a minimum period of participation in other blogs.

8 - Images: Use images in posts makes the text more attractive and comfortable to read, where you can bring visitors for the images used.

9 - Post Coverage: At the end of each post placement posts made that are related to the article you wrote. This is a very good script for this called Related Posts.

10 - Personality and humor: Humor is a hook that works, written in fun and define what you really think, your opinion. This is what differentiates blogs from newspapers and news agencies, newspapers we read texts futile and without heat, in contrast, the blogs are what the editor really thinks, these blogs are the ones who are really successful.

11 - Content: Please write posts that are interesting to the reader, do not fall into the trivial or common that everyone knows or is tired of talk and see. The content need not be very long, but at least 200 words, it would be very good. And one thing you can not forget, the content must be original, do not copy content from other blogs.

12 - Storage of your posts: Use tags to keep the posts on the line, it's also good to use this del.ico.us thereby gain more traffic.

13 - Responding to your emails: We know it is very important to maintain some contact with the readers, whether they will respond to it, writing is something I like and that always falls well respond and causes the reader to visit the blog.

14 - Announce in blogs: That's very good to win readers, the blog owner will feel grateful for the visits you win and you can then receive regular readers for you.

15 - Avoid excessive advertising: Advertising in some cases it may be uncomfortable for the reader, you must include advertising on your blog, but no major problems, and without trying to draw the reader's attention.

Do you have another trick or tip that you think should be added to the list?
I hope this helps to increase visits to your blog.

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