2 Alternative To Apple Ipad

apple ipad alternative
apple ipad alternative

If you think Apple ipad is the only tablet pc then you need to think twice as there are several alternatives out there which may be a better choice when you consider buying a tablet PC. Here are two devices I have selected as an alternative to Apple ipad:

iiView M1Touch

This is essentially a tablet type computer and almost looks like a giant version of iPhone.  The difference between this and Apple ipad is that it’s a full windows 7 tablet computer.  Like ipad, this is also fully touch screen and whatever you can do on normal windows 7 computers is available on this, like surfing the internet, using Microsoft office application and so on.  It uses Intel atom processor which is the same type of processor they use on a lot of the netbook out there in the market today.  It also has a built in 160GB hard drive and 1Gig RAM on an entry level model so it is ideal for storing and playing large size movie and music files.  An entry level model cost around $499 which is a kind of same price as an ipad but in this case you are getting a full blown computer as well.  You can obviously hook in an additional keyboard and mouse as it has usb ports.  It also has built in camera that can be used for video conferencing.  Here is the technical specification for iView M1Touch:

iiview m1touch specification
iiview m1touch specification

The Google Android Tablet (Apad)

The Google Android Tablet (also known as apad) – in my opinion this is probably the best tablet PC out on the market today. This is similar to apple ipad in many ways, it is a tablet pc, it is portable, and it is touch screen. However the main difference between this device and apple ipad is the operating system. Google Tablet PC uses an open source operating system called Google android. This operating system is becoming very popular these days and you can see it used in mobile phones, tablet pc and netbooks. The Google tablet also come with different expansion options such as USB and micro SD card which means you can expand your storage capability and it supports some versions of flash which means you will be able to watch movies and clips which are flash based. Here is the full spec for a 10.2inch Google Android Tablet PC:

google tablet pc
google tablet pc

Like apple ipad, the Google tablet also has tons of application available from the android market place and most of the applications are free. For more information on android application please check the following websites:

Android Market Place

Android Application Website

Android Application Review Website

If you are buying a Google Android Tablet then you have the option to choose from two sizes, a 7” and a 10”. The 10” apad comes with a much faster processor than the 7” apad and obviously you will get bigger screen and better viewing.

Other alternatives of apple ipad can be found on the following website. Please do check this as there are several cool and interesting devices listed on this website. Here is the link:

Apple Ipad alternatives devices

So there you have it, some alternative to Apple ipad. Please let me know which is your choice of tablet PC and if you know an alternative please list it here as comment.

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myi4u profile image

myi4u 5 years ago from United Kingdom

I lost my faith in Intel Atom technology. It just couldn't compete. Android tablets look more promising though there are still some work needed on the android market. I have used both iPhone app store and Android market. Most of the games and apps can be found on both stores. However, Apple apps and games are slightly better than Android's apps and games.

jtyler profile image

jtyler 5 years ago

Thanks for these alternatives. However, both Google and Apple dominate these fields (almost monopolize), so I believe you should offer some alternatives that are less known but reliable nonetheless.

sasta10 profile image

sasta10 5 years ago from Manchester, UK Author

Here is a list of more alternatives to apple ipad:

- Nook Color ($249)

- Velocity Micro Cruz T301 ($199.99)

- Dell Streak 7 (Starting at $399.99)

- Samsung Galaxy Tab (Starting at $199.99)

- Asus Eepad Transformer ($399.99)

- Acer Iconia Tablet ($449.99)

- Huawei Ideos S7 Tablet ($299.99)

- Coby 4 GB Internet Tablet ($149.99)

- Archos 101 Internet Tablet 16 GB ($349.99)

- Archos 70 Internet Tablet ($299.99)

- Archos 48 Internet Tablet ($329.99)

- Archos 5 Internet Tablet ($249.99)


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