20 Steps to prevent your E-mail account from being hacked

1.Do not try to login from more than one system at the same time
2.Do not give your password to anyone. Sharing is not caring.
3.Have an eye on the recipients whom you receive the mails from.
4.Stay away from spam mails and more importantly, the links within them
5.Use strong passwords. Don’t use passwords like “123456”
6.Use unique and “Difficult to guess” passwords. Ex : appleboopple12$%
7.Do not try to base the password based upon your name, or your wife’s.
8.Use different passwords for different E-mail accounts
9.Do not forget to log out when you log in from a public computer
10.Always clear cookies and cache when you’re done.
11. Make a habit of changing your password every 30 days.
12. Do not login from untrusted networks [ Transparent networks ]
13. Do not use “remember me” on public computers
14. Pay attention to IP Addresses and timestamps of previous logins.
15. If you are using gmail, you might want to use
“2- step verification”
16. Use a unique password.
17.If you use Roboform or Lastpass to store your passwords, make special attention to MASTER
PASSWORDS of those applications.
18. Know what Phishing means and do not click on suspicious links
19. Always use special characters in passwords.
It would reduce the chances to remember
20. Don’t ever post your IP Address on the Internet


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