Telephone Surveillance Tips

Surveillance is a thing that most people relate to scenes from the movies, a utility van parked outside someones house. Typically the van has blacked out windows and has two or more guys sitting inside listening and recording the conversation you're having on the phone. The telephone, is the most important piece of equipment a person conducting surveillance uses. The telephone is one of the major communication medium you obtain and pass information with. Whether you are using a digital phone recorder for a cell phone or a phone tap for a land line it is important for you to understand how each one of them work.

Anonymous Calling: Outgoing And Incoming

The number one question these days about surveillance and telephones is how to make calls anonymously without revealing who you are on the caller ID, and how to answer calls coming in when you are undercover.

Tip One:
Call the operator and tell her that every time you dialed a certain number, you are getting an "all circuits are busy" message. The operator will dial the number for you which then avoids your information from being seen on caller ID.
Tip Two:
On most all phone systems, you can hit *67 which blocks your caller ID information from going through.

Cell Phone Tips

Tip Three:
The search engines can come up with surprising results. If you have a telephone number, type it into a standard search engine such as google or bing. If that phone number has been put on a web page or web site, it may turn up in the search engine results.
Tip Four:
If you're looking for a cell phone number, the only cell phone databases that you will find cost money. If you are looking for a cell phone number or trying to find out who owns a cell phone number, there are websites online that offer access to cell phone number directories for a price.

Keeping Your Line Secure And Free Of Eavesdropping

There is a new generation telephone line monitor and analyzer on the market that keeps your telephone line free of bugs, wiretaps, hidden tape recorders and extension line pick-ups.

When Using Wireless Phones

Tip Five:
The convenience of a wireless phone is great but remember you may as well be broadcasting your conversion over the radio! If you are going to use a wireless phone make sure that it is digital instead of analog. Digital wireless phones transmits from headset to base in a digital method. Many of them come with scramblers and descramblers built right in. This scrambles the info going from the base to the headset. The other feature to look for is what is called a spread spectrum. Spread spectrum sends data at one frequency and receives data on another frequency. Using a secure wireless phone will prevent some eavesdropping except for diplomatic level eavesdroppers. If you are at that level, don't discuss anything on the telephone at all--wireless or wired.

Quick-Check Telephone Tampering Tip!

Tip Six:
By using a UV marking pen, you will be able to easily verify the screw heads of both your telephone and your telephone jack plate to quickly check if your phone has been tampered with. Simple mark the location of the screw heads with a pen that is only seen under UV light and check them for any sign of being unscrewed. If the screw head does not line up with your mark, you know someone has tampered with your telephone line and you should proceed with caution.

Blocking Call Waiting Beeps

Tip Seven:
Block incoming calls when you are on an important call. Everyone these days has and uses call waiting. Call waiting gives a little beep when another call in coming in while you are on the phone. This can be annoying when you are making an important call and may sometimes disconnect you. You can by pass this possibility simply by dialing (* 9) before you make a call; this allows you to block call waiting from beeping in on your conversation. The caller will get a busy signal instead.

R2D2 Long Play Automatic Telephone Recorder
R2D2 Long Play Automatic Telephone Recorder

Dialed Number Info

Tip Eight:
Today there is a new self-contained long play tape recorder on the market that will log both incoming dialed numbers and outgoing dialed numbers. R2D2 Long Play Automatic Telephone Recorder makes it more convenient by keeping the recorded calls and phone numbers together in one easily obtainable place.

Things To Remember

  • When recording telephone conversations, it's very important for you to know and understand which states permit one party consent.
  • A one party consent means that one party to the telephone conversation has to have knowledge and give consent to a recording (you!).
  • In States that do not permit one party recording, the other party needs to be advised and must give their consent to be recorded.

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