3D TV Buying Guide

3D TV's And What You Should Know

When it comes to new technology the 3D TV is the next big must have. But if you're like most of us and don't really know all that much about this new technology then it's probably a good idea for you to do a little research before you make a purchase.

Do You Need 3D Glasses ?"

Yes, to get the full effect you will need to purchase some 3D glasses. Some of the the 3D TV's already come with one pair of 3D glasses but of course you're going to need a few more pairs for the rest of the family. The 3D glasses can be a little pricey, but for the best value you might want to look at the Samsung 3D Starter Kt which offers two pair of 3D glasses and the 3D blu-ray movie Monsters Vs Aliens.

Do I Need A Special 3D Blu-Ray Player To Watch Movies In 3D?
Yes to watch the 3D movies you will need a 3D Blu-ray player. Otherwise if you own a PlayStation 3 it has an update available that will make it capable of playing the 3D discs.

How Big Of A Screen Do I Need?

The bigger the better, this is because the larger your screen the more that you will feel a part of the action. 3D just wouldn't be the same on a tiny screen,so I would say go ahead and buy the largest 3D TV that you can afford and at the same time still fit into your living-room.

Can I Watch Regular TV On My 3D Set.

Yes, you can. As time goes by you will probably see more and more regular televison shows such as movies and sporting events that will be broadcast in 3D. Can you imagine watching the Super Bowl in 3D?  But for the time being you can still watch your regular 2D shows on the 3D TV. After all I doubt that anyone really cares to watch the news or a soap in 3D.

Which IS Best LCD Or Plasma?

This really depends on your own personal taste. The Plasma which is my personal favorite offers better resolution as well as deeper and brighter colors to enhance your viewing experience.

The LCD doesn't have quite as good a picture but you will be able to watch it in a more brightly lit room.

Is There Any 3D TV's That Don't Need The Glasses?
No, at this point you can't find a 3D TV that doesn't need the glasses. It will probably be several years in the future before anything like this will be available.

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Fenixfan profile image

Fenixfan 6 years ago from Mississippi

These are extremely high, but I will have one in my future.

lee 6 years ago

You pretty much answered all my questions.


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