4 Reasons to comment more on blogs

4 Reasons to comment more on blogs

When a blogger is taking the first steps on the net, he is forced to write to few readers. This can be demotivating and lead to the abandonment of the project. Do not just write quality content, you need to find ways to bring together readers and content.

If you do not have yet a large audience on your blog, one of the simplest solutions is to leverage the audience of top blogs in your area. How can you write for the audience of several blogs competing, every day? Through the comments, of course!

More readers

If you make relevant comments and demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter, it is natural for readers to click on your name to see your blog. If the first impression is good, you just gain a new reader. Repeat daily, in various blogs and see the number of regular readers grow.

More pagerank

Whenever you leave a comment on a blog, you leave your link with the name. In many cases this link is nofollow and doesn't pass pagerank, but not always. Thus, commenting more, you are receiving some precious "pagerank juice".

More comments

Commenting on other blogs, you will often attract more comments to your own blog. It is common for a new commentator on a blog, click on the link and end up leaving a comment on his blog. Even if other bloggers are already references in your area, they are people like you and can repay the comments.

More partners

If it is a habit of commenting on someone's blog, and vice versa, begins to establish a relationship of trust and friendship. When opportunities arise to the advantage of 2, is much more likely to establish a partnership with someone familiar than with a stranger. May be exchanging links, reviews, advertising, recommendation or a new project team. Networking is very important to succeed online.

How to comment

I hope you are already convinced of the importance of the comments to the growth of your blog. Now, do not start commenting for nothing! Think a little what you will write, or the effect may be exactly the opposite of what you want.

You will only get more readers if your comments are really interesting and demonstrate knowledge of the subject of the article. If the comment does not say anything new or show ignorance on the subject, no one will be curious to read your texts.

To receive pagerank you should be even more careful. Use keywords as your name is something that will not please the owner of the blog and can leave you forever in the SPAM folder. Use links in the post or as a "signature" is also frowned upon and unnecessary. Your link is associated with your name, and that's it.

Comment in a positive and useful way, you will add value to the blog and you will attract value for yourself. Now that we're clear, do not waste more time and begin to include comments on blogs you read in your daily routine.

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